Invitation to your baby's 40th birthday.

  Snec 19:59 05 Apr 2010

I remember thinking "this is unreal" when I turned 40 but it's even more of a shock to the system when you've just been invited to your baby's 40th birthday and you realise that the great-grandchildren will be there too.

My God, what happened to the time? But, you know, there is very little I would change if I could do it all over again.

Good times, happy times, lucky times. Oh yes,I have been blessed with more luck than one person is entitled to, I'm sure of that. And it still seems unreal.

  ronalddonald 20:05 05 Apr 2010

Always remember your young at heart even if your 40, i was 40 in march gone

  Bingalau 20:45 05 Apr 2010

Congratulations to you two young sprogs. From an 80 year old, I felt like a 40 year old until a few months ago when my back started to deteriorate. Now I feel like an old man....

  jakimo 22:54 05 Apr 2010

I dont know how your going to cope when he 54

  Kevscar1 09:07 06 Apr 2010

9th grandchild on the way and I have had no kids. 1st one born when I was 40.

  tullie 17:49 06 Apr 2010

Its the posters children that are 40.

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