Investment stocks and shares isas.

  rickf 13:27 17 Oct 2018

Are you losing quite a bit on your stocks and shares Isas recently because of Brexit not going well. I know I have been on a downward spiral over the last week. Maybe it's time for a transfer the way Brexit is going.

  oresome 08:48 19 Oct 2018

Paper losses can be extreme on individual share holdings.

look at the losses on some of my shareholdings:

Carillion 100% loss

Royal Bank of Scotland 95% loss

Standard Chartered 60% loss

Centrica 49% loss

Marstons Pub Group 32% loss

Imperial Tobacco 24% loss

  wee eddie 13:40 19 Oct 2018

Oresom: I'd sack your Investment Managers

  oresome 14:23 19 Oct 2018

I'll organise a meeting and ask him to explain his dismal performance.

I'll have to do it when the wife is out, wouldn't want her to hear me talking to myself.

  john bunyan 14:47 19 Oct 2018

A good portfolio will spread risks such that one share collapse will not be a disaster. Fund managers like Fidelity etc are better to use for a unit trust rather than oneself! Set them a target of , say, 1-2% over FTSE ,net of their fees. Last year that would have been about 8.5 to 9% overall gain.

  oresome 17:51 19 Oct 2018

I think it was Woody Allen who once said a Financial Advisor is someone who uses your money until it runs out.

  john bunyan 18:36 19 Oct 2018

Ours regularly gets 8% on my wife’s Stocks and Shares ISA’s. He gets 1% . He has enough time to study fund managers and recommends changes. Well worth it.

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