Investment stocks and shares isas.

  rickf 13:27 17 Oct 2018

Are you losing quite a bit on your stocks and shares Isas recently because of Brexit not going well. I know I have been on a downward spiral over the last week. Maybe it's time for a transfer the way Brexit is going.

  wee eddie 16:31 17 Oct 2018

You need a lot of dough to be able to Speculate. Some Companies will increase their profits as a result of Brexit, others will not.

If I knew, I probably wouldn't tell you. As a youngster on the Floor of The Stock Exchange, we used to buy stuff that the newspapers had advised on their City pages, as the market opened, and offload them around midday, when the punters had done their bit!

  rickf 17:35 17 Oct 2018

I am not talking about speculation in stocks and shares but about regular savings in Isas though.

  wee eddie 17:43 17 Oct 2018

Rick, most of these Companies will carry on posting profits, although there may be a short term blip.

If you're investing, you should be considering a 5 year scenario anyway

  oresome 19:58 17 Oct 2018

The private investor is known for buying high and selling low.

Now is not the time to be selling. Continue with your regular investments and you will get more bang for your buck while the markets are depressed. This is known as pound cost averaging.

As we eddie says, you need to be thinking long term, at least 5 years.

  rickf 20:09 17 Oct 2018

Thanks about the 5 year minimum hold. I know that. My Isa has been running for longer than that. My concern is the long term decline of shares following Brexit. This past week has been a sign of that with markets here plunging and we are not even really out yet. As they say" People didn't vote to be poorer." And if it is going to take another twenty years to recover after Brexit maybe it's time to think about one's options.

  bumpkin 20:33 17 Oct 2018

A weird suggestion from me but Lithium mining may not be a bad long term shot considering the trend towards rechargeable electric everything.

  john bunyan 20:52 17 Oct 2018

A good portfolio manager should spread investment such that not just the U.K. is involved. The USA , Far East etc should be included. Don’t forget that U.K. multinationals, due to the decline in the value of the £ , will show higher profits from their overseas activities when shown in sterling

  KEITH 1955 21:46 17 Oct 2018

I only have standard isis , a long time ago I worked for a large multi national company and was about to invest in stocks and shares isas when all of a sudden the market nose dived , the shares of the company I worked for took 4 years to reach the point they were at before the blip.

when the most recent recession struck 10 years ago I lost a fortune because myself and my wife invested money left to us in a will , I considered bailing out but my boss said if you don't need the money just look at it as numbers on paper , I decided to hang fire but it took about 4 years to come good.

don't let anyone fob you of by tying your money up in cant touch for 5 years accounts , the odd % point extra interest aint worth bothering with.

one of the reasons people struggle in later life ( I am 63 ) is because they don't plan for the future , in your 20's and 30's you don't give a ** about pensions etc but you should.

tip.... don't get a massive insurance policy that you can cash in say 20 years , do what I did , get lots of small ones 3 years apart for say 15 years before maturity . That way you will have a lot mature within a few years of each other. Their is also the added bonus that during the life of the policies if you fall on hard times you wont have to surrender all of them early.

  wee eddie 21:51 17 Oct 2018

To say that Markets are plunging qualifies as Journalistic hyperbole. The Markets have fallen a few percent, that's all.

  bumpkin 14:18 18 Oct 2018

*To say that Markets are plunging qualifies as Journalistic hyperbole. *

Yes and the sort of thing that worsens the situation.

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