Invest in Sausage Skins

  morddwyd 10:03 03 Aug 2010

It's not all doom and gloom, sausage skin profits are soaring.

click here

A major boost to the economy!

  Kevscar1 10:20 03 Aug 2010

Oh no another rip off compay for karmgord to moan about.

  spuds 11:28 03 Aug 2010

And there's me thinking that Scotland was famous for its haggis and the contents therein ;o))

  Woolwell 11:59 03 Aug 2010

Don't invets in sausage skins go for dried apricots or dried mixed fruit click here

  Woolwell 12:02 03 Aug 2010

Invest not invets!

  dukeboxhero 15:55 03 Aug 2010

Being once a butcher i remember when Devro first brought out the collagen sausage skin and it was a bit of a disaster at first,with sausages bursting as soon as they hit the frying pan and also when you tried to link them,But thankfuly they got it right in time as real gut was very expensive very smelly and use to knot,your links machines would also start to rust because of the high salt content they used to keep the gut fresh.
Good to see the company doing so well now

  ella33 15:59 03 Aug 2010

I used to like those sausages that burst while being cooked, they had a flavour all of their own with the insides well done!

  daytimers82 16:24 03 Aug 2010

they might be booming but i bet there loads of cholesterol, bad for the arteries and the brain.

  jakimo 17:05 03 Aug 2010

for Scotland's economy that is!

  ella33 17:40 03 Aug 2010

I don't suppose the skins are high in cholesterol, daytimers82 just the sausages but you can get low fat. Or quorn, which claim to lower cholesterol, while disguised as a cumberland sausage!

  Forum Editor 17:52 03 Aug 2010

I had a neighbour who was big in sausage skins - as they say.

He drove an Aston Martin and his wife a Mercedes 230SL. Their kids went to expensive private schools and the family used to holiday in their South of France villa each year.

Given a chance he would bore for Britain on the technicalities of the perfect sausage. We used to dread being invited for barbecues.

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