Inundated with spam from the USA

  hssutton 14:55 21 Nov 2016

For the past few days I've been getting numerous emails'. Always headed dear Howard' from [email protected] via These range from jobs in Anchorage to getting a tax rebate. Anyone else suffering.

  x123 17:23 23 Nov 2016

Nothing wrong with being polite but firm. A no thank you usually works.

The person at the other end will be trying to do a job, my daughter worked for aviva to fill in a 4 week gap between jobs. She lasted a week with the abuse. Just imagine your son or daughter trying earn a living.

  Forum Editor 18:33 23 Nov 2016


"Nothing wrong with being polite but firm."

Thank you for a commonsense view - I completely agree.

My daughter also worked on a call centre for a while. She did it while she was at university. It was a BT call centre, and she said the abuse she got was a real insight into how some people behave. She wasn't trying to sell anything - the callers were phoning in to the centre - but that didn't stop dozens of ignorant people hurling abuse at her. She stuck it out, because the money was good, and there were some excellent team incentives.

  bumpkin 21:19 23 Nov 2016

* I am calling you from Microsoft India to help you fix your computer. *

That is most kind of you, here are my bank details in case you need them.

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