Intramedullary Rod surgery,

  wolfie3000 02:15 16 Jul 2007

Just looking for an idiots guide to it,

Iv seen plenty of websites online about it but they dont make much sense to me and use words i dont really understand.

Basicly im after things like aftercare and if anything can go wrong, also what medication will be used after treatment.

  stolensilver 06:21 16 Jul 2007

Sorry Wolfie you haven't given enough details to answer your question. Do you know which bone is going to have the intramedullary rod inserted and why?

  wolfie3000 07:43 16 Jul 2007

Femur bone,

My hospital appointment finally came through and i want to be up on whats going to happen.

  DrScott 08:37 16 Jul 2007

you're having an IM rod / nail inserted. They are often used in acute fracturs of the tibia and femur, but as I recall your injury was some time ago. Is there a malunion or something?

Complications are likely to be the same for all bits of metal inserted into bones. Essentially, infection and blood loss during and after surgery. They are also quite sore, but I'm sure your anaesthetist will sort you out for some good post operative pain relief.

Lots and lots of things can go wrong, but they rarely do. Your surgeon will discuss all these things with you when you sign a consent form.

wolfie, if you want my (anaesthetic) view, then feel free to message me. I'd be happy to help as best I can :o) (My dad and my father in law are also orthopaedic surgeons :o)!)

  DrScott 08:39 16 Jul 2007

click here

I'll look later and see if I can find any more.

  wolfie3000 14:00 16 Jul 2007

Thanks DrScott for the info,

Well i went for a few X-Rays a year ago and i think they found something wrong, they did tell me but as you might have guessed from my earlier post i didnt understand much about what they said,

As i see it the less i know the less worried i will be.

Why im looking for info now is because my surgery is coming up and im now a bit panicky.

I was due to go for this op 6 months ago but its only now they give me a date.

Dont get me wrong im not moaning about the NHS, if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be here now.

I dont want to go to my local GP and waste his time asking questions either,

I guess my main concern is how long will it be before i can walk after the surgery?

  DrScott 14:12 16 Jul 2007

Totally depends wolife3000 on why exactly you're having the surgery, but generally orthopods try and get their patients up and about pretty quickly. As a rule of thumb it takes 6 weeks for a simple fracture to heal, and you'd expect to be more mobile after a week or two, but without details I'm really just speculating. Hip replacements are up and walking the very next day!

I'm sure your GP would not mind at all 'being bothered' :)

  wolfie3000 14:25 16 Jul 2007

They did say why i needed this operation but i didnt really catch the details (they used big words)

well The reason i had the X-Rays a year ago was because i was getting alot of pain when i put any pressure on my leg when sleeping,

I think its something to do with the screws that are already in my leg, they did mention that this op will be a long term solution to the problems i had in the past with mobility,

I guess im worrying over nothing, just brings back alot of bad memories of the accident.

  Sapins 21:14 16 Jul 2007

Can I just wish you all the best for your Op,



  bluto1 21:34 16 Jul 2007

Good luck and all the best ate.

  bluto1 21:35 16 Jul 2007

stop eating, I meant mate

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