The Interview

  Al94 00:07 24 Dec 2014

Can't help wondering what the American response would be to a comedy film about a plot to assassinate their current President?

  wee eddie 01:35 24 Dec 2014

That's Sony releasing the Interview to a limited audience over Christmas.

Cynical moi!

I can't help thinking that Sony has guaranteed itself a large audience for what must be, at best, a mediocre film.

  simonjary 08:10 24 Dec 2014

Hollywood is forever making movies about people (often North Koreans) trying to assassinate their president, but the baddies always fail.

Must say this movie looks a stinker, too.

  wee eddie 08:54 24 Dec 2014

Could it all have been a PR Stunt that got out of control?

  chub_tor 09:58 24 Dec 2014

One of the cinemas where The Interview is to be screened is The Alamo Drafthouse an Austin based group that specialises in art films. It also happens to be close to where my daughter lives and is a cinema we attend regularly, not just because of the films that it shows but also because you can get a good meal and good beer while you are watching the movie. Sounds odd I know but the layout of the cinema is such that the order takers and waiters are hardly noticed as they scurry about delivering or collecting. One of my favourite places to go when we are in town. Last movie that I saw there was The Imitation Game about the life of Alan Turing.

  Forum Editor 10:25 26 Dec 2014

I think the point here - which a few of you seem to be missing - is not whether the film is good or dire, but is about freedom in a democratic society. This film has as much right to be screened as any other, and withholding it from its potential audience because some anonymous source outside America has taken offence is ludicrous.

Societies, and the individuals in them should be free to decide whether they want to see a film or not.

  bumpkin 11:45 26 Dec 2014

Spot on FE.

  BillSers 04:48 27 Dec 2014

I'm a cynic too. It'll probably make Sony a lot more money that it would have without this supposed hacking. Old sayings: 'Any publicity is good publicity'. Or, 'There is no such thing as bad publicity'.

  Al94 12:22 27 Dec 2014

Watched it last night - 1 hour 50 minutes of life wasted! Rubbish.

  wee eddie 13:54 27 Dec 2014

Just as I feared. President Obama must be feeling really pissed off for allowing himself to be dragged into a publicity stunt.

  Belatucadrus 15:53 27 Dec 2014

I doubt Obamas bothered, he was standing up for free speech just not his fault the speech in question may not have had much value. Now Kim Jong Un on the other hand will be spitting feathers, rarely can a censorship program have backfired so spectacularly. If they'd just gritted their teeth and stayed quiet The Interview would probably have vanished without a trace, just another Seth Rogan fluff project. But Sony now have more publicity than they could have hoped for and people who wouldn't have gone anywhere near it are flocking to their local multiplex either to see what it's all about or as a stance (all be it somewhat ineffective) against terrorism.

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