kev.Ifty 23:26 14 Aug 2004

Hello Friends.

In your opinions, what factors would affect the speed of my internet connection.......(assuming my ISP and telephone exchange are A.OK)

IE: Quality or length of telephone cable?

Are there some BB modems that are better than others?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Cheers Kev

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:15 15 Aug 2004

The only things that affects speed is the quality of your line and server traffic. Modems and line length make little or no difference.


  kev.Ifty 00:32 15 Aug 2004

What about the PC it's self?

Would the ram or processor have any influence on the speed of, say a page loading?

Or is there software that can increase download speed?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:28 15 Aug 2004

RAM or processor will make no difference and there are no programmes that will physically 'increase' speed.

There are download managers that can make downloading more efficient by checking different servers but do not expect to be amazed at the here is one of the free better ones. Remeber they are not increasing the download speed, just finding the fastest servers.

Some 'speed up' programmes claim to speed up your surfing by caching or remembering pages that you have visited or trying to guess which page you will got to. The problem with these is that your temp file cache becomes enormous and guessing where someone will go next is truly X-Files territory.

The only way to increase your speed is to go broadband...if you can.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:29 15 Aug 2004

...that should be 'faster broadband (1mb/2mb.


  kev.Ifty 20:57 15 Aug 2004

Many thanks for taking the time to answer my question and answering so well.

I particularly found the info about the Download managers interesting as i did wonder how they worked.

It would not surprise me if your above answers appeared in a future issue of the Magazine, simple straightforward and informative. :~}

Cheers Kev.

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