The Internet - What next

  VoG II 23:17 21 Sep 2004

20 years ago I would not have dreamed of the internet (at least not as we know it today).

In another 20 years (or whatever) will we still be using it? If not, what?

  Forum Editor 23:25 21 Sep 2004

It's one of those things that has entered our everyday lives, like video recorders or takeaway food. Now that it's here it won't go away. It will change of course, everything does, but our children and their children will still use the internet, albeit on different computers.

  Tim1964 00:43 22 Sep 2004

I would like to see the 'net' intergrated INTO the home more, with the machine itself (with 1000+ Gb HDD) under the stairs and a screen in each room(!). That way it could contain all your music (no more CDs), films (no actual DVDs required) and of course playing/recording the TV (no tapes/DVD RWs)and as a games machine. It could also be used for controlling lighting/heating etc. All voice activated (sort of)or controlled via mobile phone.

Oh yes, maybe even for emails (but I guess THAT would be the complicated bit).

It all must have seemed like sciene fiction only 20 yrs ago but now it's all possible, for a price of course.

  kev.Ifty 00:49 22 Sep 2004

Hi VoG™

How long have you (and others) been using the Internet?

Has it changed much?.... What major changes have you seen?

I have been a 'user' for less than 12 months now and in that small amount of time i don't have the experience to comment about any changes, mainly because it is still new and shiny and I'm still learning, but it would be interesting to hear(well read) your views!

My opinion,as a cynic, would be that in the future everything will be even more revenue driven and we will have a two tier internet. Advert sponsored content and maybe a poorer relation of sites maintained by enthusiasts.

I think mobile,voice recognition. May be a replacement of the mobile phone. will possibly be the way it will go.

A Credit card that can be topped up via a Smart Card reader,to do away with the need to carry cash.

Proper Video on demand(Video Rental).......Maybe a Personalised Radio/TV Station.

Maybe even a National Health "Service"......... Provide a sample(brings a new meaning to...s**t in the carburetor...[sorry old joke])Via a previously purchased "sample reader" (sponsored my cokey peps;~) )...............And GOOGLE'S NEW 911 SERVICE will tell you how long you've got left.

Hopefully NOT enough time to cancel your newly purchased 100gig service from Kev.ifty.CO.UK

Bestwishes for the future £$£$


  watchful 08:22 22 Sep 2004

I imagine it will still be with us in another 20 years but, like anything or anyone, it is not infallible or invincible.

  Simon_P 09:56 22 Sep 2004

I guess as the FE says it is here to stay, I’m not imaginative enough to think what the next step might be if any.

I have been using it foe around 4 years so I guess I’m still a new boy to the net, and the biggest change has been the move to broadband something I sad I didn’t need, (but wanted)

As Tim1964 Says maybe at some point it will be integrated into homes more, I certainly don’t want a screen in every room (nothing would get done)

In my humble opinion I just think it will continue to evolve, we have already seen undated html codes etc, and better looking design and graphics, I am certain at some point it will become voice rather than keyboard interactive. All this of course will require faster and faster connections How fast? Who knows? 1.5 Mbs is enough for me.

I was told by an IT engineer that Japan are up to 10Mbs now??

I think though that the new internet (in a post I saw recently) will most likely play a big part in what can be done

  JonnyTub 10:05 22 Sep 2004

The internet i feel is becoming more and more integral to our lives, not just personally but commercially, there are many business's that would simply collapse without it. (especially the likes of ebuyer, amazon etc) many people would lose their job's without it.

I too would like to see better home integration in terms of multimedia entertainment pc's that do "everything" in the home such as those stated by Tim1964. The last offering albeit a gallant effort from microsoft (os wise) didn't quite hit the nail on the head as it doesn't seem to have taken off as well as their first thought. I like the idea of being able to ring my pc from work on a cold winter evening and tell it to warm the place up, stick the hot water and make a nice cup a soup ;-) but then that's replacing the wife isn't it.

  spuds 12:01 22 Sep 2004

Twenty/Thirty years ago, the fast way to send printed messages around the world was the old ticker tape telex machine, and what a beastie that was. Look how technology as advanced in those few years. Yes the internet will still be with us in another twenty years and much more, but in a far better and supreme form.

  TOPCAT® 14:29 22 Sep 2004


'The internet, or at least the protocols behind it, are being extended into space. The man credited by many with having created the net, Vint Cerf, explains his vision of an interplanetary net....'

click here

When or if the current global internet ever gets logjammed, then this may be the alternative to use. Problem is though, your emails and downloads will take substantially longer to arrive. Unless, that is, someone comes up with a means of increasing the speed of light. ;o) TC.

  bally1020 21:28 22 Sep 2004

Yahoo were offering 16-18 mb connections. I was downloading a big file in IE6 from a japanese server to an internet cafe computer, download over 2.5mbps . Amazing. Cheaper than englands prices too! Just to let you know SIMON7063

  bally1020 21:28 22 Sep 2004

Yahoo were offering 16-18 mb connections. I was downloading a big file in IE6 from a japanese server to an internet cafe computer, download over 2.5mbps . Amazing. Cheaper than englands prices too! Just to let you know SIMON7063

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