Internet shopping

  v1asco 22:04 27 Jan 2006

Wife found out Tesco deliver anywhere so sent a red cross parcel to long lost daughter down south.

A few months later we didn't feel like shopping so did it on internet, booked delivery 11-1 on Thurs.
11 o'clock, no groceries, Mrs getting agitated. 11.30 bit more. 12 o'clock starts worrying we hadn't changed the address and it was being sent to Daughters.Tried re-assurance to no avail. I must stress that my loved one had very little faith in internet shopping and it is now fading fast.
1215 call from Daughter. Thanks for groceries Mam, why did you spend £76.56p. How did you know that was my favourite brand etc.
12.30 wife now more than agitated, insisted we call Tesco. In the end I surrendered and said OK. Put on speaker phone and dialled. Daughter answered. Wife now hopping, what am I doing calling daughter. Asked daughter to explain. She says "explain what" by now things are really hotting up. In the end daughter says "Mam, at midday Dad called and said if I want a bit of fun, call You and thank you for the Groceries, he told me what you bought and the cost." At last the Wife was quiet, well for about 5 seconds. She finally saw the funny side of it and agrees it was one of the best jokes I've pulled on her.I did manage to catch some of it on my video phone, but suspect that even though FE has 'relaxed' speakers corner he, and possibly the whole world is not quite ready for her reaction when on the phone being thanked by daughter. Which will most probably be nothing compared to what she will say when she finds out a few million also know about it now.

Still, she is a kind, loving person and maybe will forgive me in a few years!

The groceries did arrive, just before 1 o'clock.

Anyone else managed a friendly internet sting?

  anskyber 22:54 27 Jan 2006

Er dare I ask can we see it please?

  ade.h 23:08 27 Jan 2006

Bugle, please tell us that you have a website and that you can upload that clip!!

  v1asco 16:26 28 Jan 2006

no website.

Just confessed to posting the story. Dearest took it very well. Believe I am cooking dinner now!!

  Haol 17:25 28 Jan 2006

Haha, that was a good one bugle!

  SG Atlantis® 17:39 28 Jan 2006

Very good.

Made me laugh, I'd love to try a prank like that but fear for my health.

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