The internet is now smoke free.

  wolfie3000 07:15 25 Oct 2007

A few years back if you typed in Smoking into a search engine you would get alot of websites and forums talking about how people enjoyed smoking and discussions on favorite brands ect...

Now it seems all you get is information on how to quit, so what happened has the internet gone smoke free and are there still sites for pro smokers?

The only website i could find was this one,

click here

It seems that everyone online is non smoking, are there still forum members who enjoy a good smoke?

What makes me laugh is when me and my friends play a lengthy game of Halo during the post game on teamspeak you can hear everyone opening packets of cigarettes and the sounds of lighters flicking,

Usually followed by sounds of "aaaah thats better!"

SO apart from the Halo players i know are there any other smokers online? if so where are they?

  ventanas 09:04 25 Oct 2007

Hi wolfie, not any more in my case. Packed it in June last year, after 45 years as a smoker. I have never missed them at all. Should have done it years before. In my case it was more habit than addiction.

  tried 12:50 25 Oct 2007

I just lit a bonfire and the damn thing smoked! Trouble is theres a hosepipe ban and I cant put it out!. Energy to keep the internet going is now 2000KWh UK only, gosh the smoke from Russian power stations to pump gas over here to keep our power stations running is 20 tonnes a year will it be ok if I have a fag now? One fag = 0.0000000000062 Tonnes

  Chegs ®™ 15:52 25 Oct 2007

I smoke,usually nipping out on the doorstep between times as my partner suffers chronic asthma.I have noticed when chatting on teamspeak the numbers of gamers(usually american)that depart midgame for a "smoke-break" I've also noticed that whereas adverts in/on the media were for x brand of tobacco,they all now offer numerous ways and means to quit instead.I dont want to quit,I'm quite happy to continue killing myself with my smoking and the more I hear people pontificating against it the more I will chose to carry-on.

  lisa02 16:02 25 Oct 2007

Smoking is fine as long as it's not near me. Now we've got you out of buildings, could you all vacate the doorways and bus stops??

I joked about taking it up in work just so I could have the same amount of breaks as the smokers. All them nipping out for 5 mins here and there.

Smoking is an anti-social thing and lots of smokers I know acknowledge it's bad, it's too late for them, they don't enjoy it etc etc and frankly don't wanna talk about the pros (or cons) of smoking.

  Jak_1 16:31 25 Oct 2007

"Smoking is fine as long as it's not near me. Now we've got you out of buildings, could you all vacate the doorways and bus stops??"

Now you are being greedy, you've taken the yard and now you want the mile!

  DrScott 16:35 25 Oct 2007

you want to die from.

  wolfie3000 23:13 25 Oct 2007

Well i see theres at least one smoker in the forum,
But i do find it a little worrying that theres so many non smoking websites,

Is it a P.C. thing or is it google blocking all the pro smoking websites?

  rodriguez 01:03 26 Oct 2007

I tried a fag when I was 11 or 12 - my mate gave it me. I took a drag back and tasted it and said "how can you smoke this crap every day?"

I'm just one of the people who never liked it from the start I suppose. I just don't like the taste. But a few years ago I'd have the odd spliff and I liked the taste of that, but now I don't smoke anything at all. I just can't be bothered with it, I think I'm getting older. :-P Used to have the odd cigar in the pub as well (never really liked the taste I just had it because we were all sat there having a smoke). Now the smoking ban is in force, I never have any at all now I just do without. I still feel sorry for the people who are addicted though. They have to go out in the cold for a smoke and they must be doing their health in. They can't help it though, they need it because tobacco is horrendously addictive. The best way to stop smoking is not to start. It's just not worth it.

  robgf 01:32 26 Oct 2007

I wonder if tobacco is more addictive than drugs?

My brother was a drug addict when he was younger, don't ask me what he used, as I haven't got a clue, but eventually the veins collapsed in his arm, which served as a wake up call and he managed to give up all the drugs in quite a short time.

But despite numerous tries, he has never managed to give up smoking.

Handy tip: never lend money to a drug addict, they never pay you back, as I found out.......

  mrwoowoo 02:10 26 Oct 2007

Apparently tobacco is more addictive than heroin,alcohol, or cocaine.also tobacco has a far higher death rate than either heroin, alcohol, or cocaine.
Most deaths/health issues come from contaminants in the drug delivery devices such as syringes, or contaminants in the drugs themselves.

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