Is Internet Explorer For The Dumb? A New Study Suggests Exactly That.

  hssutton 14:34 02 Aug 2011

My IQ must be above average as I use Firefox:)

link text

link text

  Graphicool1 14:36 02 Aug 2011

Hi hssutton

A link to the source of your argument would be good?

  Quickbeam 14:49 02 Aug 2011

I'm going to switch to Opera, and become exceptionally high brow...

  Quickbeam 14:50 02 Aug 2011

Graphicool1 must be using IE as the hasn't hyperlink hasn't been spotted;)

  onthelimit1 14:59 02 Aug 2011

OK, that proves I'm dumb!

  hssutton 15:02 02 Aug 2011

Extremely witty Quickbeam.

Unfortunately for me IE appears to be exacting some form of revenge. I have tried 5 times to reply to Graphicool, but on each occassion my PC froze when using Firefox, neccessitating a restart.

  interzone55 15:21 02 Aug 2011

Daily Telegraph must be for the slow, because The Register had this story last Friday ;-)

I've been using Chrome since it first launched, I'm obviously not clever enough for Opera, as I've never really got to grips with it, although I've tried it many times. I quite like Mobile Opera though, but because they use their own servers to compress content, and the servers might be in Iceland, Norway or Sweden it looks to websites like I've moved, and Facebook often locks the account thinking someone else is logging into my profile.

  ams4127 19:59 02 Aug 2011

I have, and use, Opera, Firefox, Chrome. Safari and IE9. My default browser is IE9 but I use the others when they are better at doing certain things. Firefox, for example, is better at online banking but is far slower to load.

I would have thought that those who use IE have by far, the highest IQ :-)

  gigagiggles 20:25 02 Aug 2011

"My default browser is IE9" -- ams4127

The study clearly delineated IE8 and earlier versions correlating with users of lower IQ. You've already graduated from those versions.

"It would have helped if they gave a comparison between their results and a normal population." -- fourm member

How would one get a sample normal population to respond to an IQ test along with questions about their browser choices? Would the cohort that responded constitute a legitimate sampling?

This study has its flaws. But AptiQuant wanted to get the message out there. The large population of users of IE8 and earlier holding on for dear life are retarding the progress of the internet. Unlike Microsoft discontinuing support of XP, there hasn't been a group effort to discontinue support of IE8 and earlier browsers.

  interzone55 20:36 02 Aug 2011

fourm member

My link is broken because the forum software seems to automatically remove _ from the address.

Anyway, underneath the chart on The Register's story is the comment "An average IQ is defined as a score of 100. Note where IE users rank"

This is as I suspected, the IQ results are meant to average out at 100 for the general population, which is why a two year old who can tie their own shoelaces is deemed to have an IQ of 200 or whatever, whereas an adult with similar skill-set ranks in the low double figures...

  zzzz999 21:27 02 Aug 2011

I remember in the late 70s the Sun ran a story that if you could sook a lemon without flinching it was evidence that you would be sensational in bed. We did enjoy watching the eejits practise sooking their lemons.

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