internet is controling our lives

  MJS WARLORD 18:41 01 Sep 2018

yes I have a pc and tablet …. no fancy phone ….basic £25 text and call only.

I only use twitter on social media , I surf and do online gaming but I do know when to give it a break.

I see parents rant at kids " food or phone make your mind up. You go out and cant get away from I.T. everywhere you go you are surrounded by people who have their face buried in some device. If a phone and coffee carrier bumps into you they look at you as if you have trod in something

In an eating place you get surrounded by kids on devices and business men with laptops.

Stood in a food ordering queue behind a face booker , face booking and ordering , the staff member got so fed up he gave me the nod for both of us to go to another till. He took my order and I don't think the facebooker noticed she had been abandoned.

Wouldn't it be funny if somebody found a way to turn off everything for 24 hours without telling anyone it was going to happen....


  Aitchbee 19:19 01 Sep 2018

The subliminal messages created by advertising, showing happy, smiling, perfect people [usually family groups] holding smart phones or huddled round a laptop screen always makes me chuckle.

ps. They are all hired actors doing a fantastic job!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:33 01 Sep 2018

Wouldn't it be funny if somebody found a way to turn off everything for 24 hours

The western world would fall apart. No banking, shops, hospitals, power stations, gas, water, telephones etc. etc. etc.

  Aitchbee 21:46 01 Sep 2018

Off subject slightly but, my older brother, aged 70, who lives in Eire, has never owned a computer or mobile phone and seems to have managed very well [thankyouverymuch] without the need for the internet or anything associated with it.

He is in complete control of his life and in every other respect is completely normal. [TIC]

  rdave13 21:59 01 Sep 2018

internet is controling our lives

Yes it does and even to those that don't use it.

Modern music produces gems every now and again. Thought I'd post here instead of starting a new thread lol. With your permission MJS WARLORD .

  bumpkin 22:06 01 Sep 2018

Mobile phones are what puzzle me. Do people not realize that they don't have to be walking around or driving for them to function.

  bumpkin 22:11 01 Sep 2018

They also work on public transport if the user shouts it would seem.

  rdave13 22:13 01 Sep 2018

bumpkin , just like me, we're old fashioned :(

  MJS WARLORD 22:20 01 Sep 2018

as per usual all the people I expected to reply did , no offence meant to anyone , that's the good thing about this site , the regular contributors to all post seem to be on the same wavelength .

one last comment …. some people have so many aps on a smart phone they seem to have forgotten that if you press certain numbers on a keypad you can actually talk to some body … smartphone... delete the word smart.

  Aitchbee 22:22 01 Sep 2018

Yes it does and even to those that don't use it.

How does it control my brother then? He's got no computer and no mobile phone.

  MJS WARLORD 22:26 01 Sep 2018

hey bumpkin you just jogged my old memory on something , why do people on smart phones feel the need to shout , just as if the person on the other end has a hearing aid.

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