Internet Banking is causing me grief

  wee eddie 14:12 19 Sep 2013

I am involved with 3 different Banks, both on my own Account and Family stuff as the eldest of the siblings. And it's not just one Bank either.

RBS, Barclays and LLoyds TSB, in each case, attempts to make payments, via the Internet, have caused me to be locked out. 2 of them have required me to enter Credit Card details to gain re-entry. Unfortunately we have never had Credit or Debit Cards on either of those Accounts and now appear to be permanently locked out.

It's back to sending each other cheques. Thank the lord that we can still do that.

It's not that the method used to gain entry is complex, it just appears that, on a regular basis, these sites do not recognise correctly entered Codes, or possibly, Copy & Paste.

It should be a boon but it has turned into a nightmare

  Clapton is God 14:53 19 Sep 2013

wee eddie

It's probably no consolation to you but I use internet banking with all 3 of these banks (like you for my own account and other family members) and I've never had any problems of the sort you describe. I also always use copy/paste for my log in and password details, etc.

In fact, 99.99% of my banking - with a wide variety of banks - is done online. The only time I ever have to visit a branch is when some 'dinosaur' sends me one of those old-fashioned things called "a cheque"! ;-))

  bumpkin 15:19 19 Sep 2013

wee eddie, I don't know how long you have been using it but it does take a while to get used to. I would suggest you phone them for advice.

I was locked out of one of mine (Santander) and had to go 5 miles to the nearest branch to sort it out. Whilst there I complained about this and a few days later received a letter of apology and £25 credit for my inconvenience.

  wiz-king 15:28 19 Sep 2013

I have several internet banking accounts with 3 banks and I dont have problems except for remembering the passwords!

Practice makes perfect - transfer some money to me .....

  BT 18:03 19 Sep 2013

"I don't have problems except for remembering the passwords!"

I don't have that problem either. I use my PINSentry with my Authorisation card or Debit card on my Barclays Online Banking so the only things I need to remember are my PINs.

  Forum Editor 18:59 19 Sep 2013

I have managed all my banking online for years, and haven't had any problems of this kind. Perhaps I've been lucky, but so far everything has worked very smoothly.

  wee eddie 20:26 19 Sep 2013

These problems will be, in part, caused by the fact that we only make payments once a year, and that the Banks appear to change the Routine for accessing their Site more often than this, so that each time I try to access the Routine is different or requires a piece of equipment that, for some reason, they had not sent me.

  BT 08:11 20 Sep 2013

I have managed all my banking online for years, and haven't had any problems of this kind. Perhaps I've been lucky, but so far everything has worked very smoothly.

Same here. I've used Barclays Online banking since it was introduced, must be over 10 years now. I've only ever had a problem once when they upgraded their website a little while ago, when a link to making payments seemed to work but the payment wasn't made. I called the helpline and was walked through the procedure which indeed wasn't working properly. They made the payment for me while I was on the phone and the fault on the website was fixed within a day or so.

  BallyIrish7 08:57 20 Sep 2013

Hi wee eddie, a breeze from South Africa... You have hit the nail on the head: these banks keep on changing their requirements and procedures as the security situation worsens, and I was never advised. The only way to find out about changes was to go to the bank, or go online.

For these reasons I gave up internet banking, and registered (with Barclays' ABSA) for telephone banking, which is simplicity itself and very effective.

I phone the same number each time, and I have all the services I need at my disposal immediately. The use of telephone banking requires only my PIN and my banking account number, and the rest is straightforward as you are helped along by a clear voice. Greetings!

  spuds 11:08 20 Sep 2013

I find it very strange how some people can have no problems with internet banking, yet looking at the internet, you will find a number of people making complaints, usually complaining of recent changes to the bank's systems.

I have contact with a number of bank's, and my main bank is Barclays, and as been well before online banking. A few months ago, I had to take serious correspondence with Barclays due to ever increasing problems with their online services. One thing that came out of that, was being informed that Barclays "only supports Internet Explorer" for their procedures and security.

A very long story, but Barclays did upgrade my complaint to an higher level, with apologies and a £25 goodwill credit to my account.

  BT 11:40 20 Sep 2013

"only supports Internet Explorer"

That's what they told me (also Firefox according to the 'advisor' on the phone) when I called about the problem detailed in my previous post but I've been using Google Chrome for many years with no problems, and still am. That said I repeat that I haven't had any other problems with Barclays Online banking.

Fortunately we have a Branch nearby where they are very friendly and helpful. When we moved to Norwich from London and we went into the branch to inform them of our change of address etc., after the formalities were concluded the 'Personal Banker' lady introduced us to the Manager and Staff. They have also been helpful in managing our investments to our best advantage.

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