Internet addiction' linked to depression?

  ky72 01:08 03 Feb 2010

Do you think we hear too many of these so called "survey's" there so contradictory & sometimes these make it look as if life isnt worth living...

click here

  rdave13 01:37 03 Feb 2010

What a load of twaddle.

  crosstrainer 07:23 03 Feb 2010

Could not have put it better myself....Without the use of expletives.


  morddwyd 07:45 03 Feb 2010

Has it perhaps occurred to anyone that those with depression are prone to internet addiction, rather than the other way around?

  Quickbeam 08:17 03 Feb 2010

I find it quite uplifting. It's TV soaps depress me, especially when I'm unfortunate enough to catch the last 5 minutes of depressed Eastenders.

  rdave13 09:20 03 Feb 2010

Silly season indeed. Wonder if the Government knows what it is letting itself into; click here
, with this 'Darker side' of the net.
It's depressing.....

  Quickbeam 09:25 03 Feb 2010

I must admit, my usual morning 'happy' mood could well be an addiction symptom. I'll take the dog a walk now and see if there are any cold turkeys to be chased...

  interzone55 16:49 03 Feb 2010

As I was flicking through the channels over breakfast I stumbled upon the tabloid hell that is GMTV.

On the news they said "if you think you have internet related depression visit our website...."

Nearly as funny as an advert they used to have in our local library "If you have trouble reading telephone...."
A) someone having trouble reading won't be in a library & B) they won't be able to read the sign...

  morddwyd 09:12 04 Feb 2010

Lot of internet related depression on this site, judging by the moans about advertising and the site being down!

  jack 09:45 04 Feb 2010

Who should perhaps be doing apprenticeships and simply factory fodder- they have to find something for them to do I guess.
Some times there is a manufacturer or marketing company lurking in the background to prove something or the other.
All such surveys should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

  lotvic 11:33 04 Feb 2010

Well yes, I have to agree that the Internet is pretty depressing ;@

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