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Internet access. A Human Right???

  canarieslover 10:06 08 Mar 2010

Although I would not like to lose my internet access I could live without it much more easily than losing my car. As car ownership is not considered a Human Right then why should the internet be. I would consider both to be a personal choice. What do other forum members think?
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  oresome 11:52 08 Mar 2010

Let's get real.........Drinking water, food and basic shelter I'll go along with, but internet access??

  Cymro. 12:17 08 Mar 2010

I think that some people (probably a few on this forum) take computing and so Internet access much too seriously. Granted it may be important for some who may rely on it to make their living or as their only means of accessing the outside world, but surely for most people it is not a basic human right.

In fact for most it is just a hobby a form of entertainment a means of passing away a few idle hours. Important yes but surely not essential well not yet anyway.

  Colin 13:10 08 Mar 2010

Another non story. If you ask people if anything should be a human right they more than likely will say yes. 27,000 people, though a large number in itself, is hardy representative of the world's population. Does this mean it should be a right to have a land line or mobile phone to access the internet? Who pays?

  Matt Egan 16:16 08 Mar 2010

is how many of the respondents are happy for the Government to regulate who gets online, and what they can do there:

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More of a job for FE, if you ask me...

  Quickbeam 16:46 08 Mar 2010

Would the FE really be interested in regulating millions of web users, what with all the grief he gets from the few hundred PCA members...?

  Forum Editor 18:25 08 Mar 2010

to learn that 55% of British people think the government should regulate the internet - I would have thought that's the last thing we want.

The internet is one of the wonders of civilisation, a unique technology that has transformed the way that large areas of the world communicate and do business. We have a chance to make it into something that is capable of working perfectly well with an absolute minimum of regulation, provided governments can agree on some guiding principles. We need to be able to combat internet crime at an international level, and we're a long way from have the degree of cooperation between police services that we need.

"Would the FE really be interested in regulating millions of web users"?

I await the call, but I'll not hold my breath.

  james55 20:10 08 Mar 2010

"I'm amazed
to learn that 55% of British people think the government should regulate the internet - I would have thought that's the last thing we want."

Have to agree FE we don't want to end up like China, freedom to have one's say is important.


  OTT_B 21:14 08 Mar 2010

Personally I think the internet should have more regulation, particularly in public discussion forums (this forum is, of course, the benchmark of well regualted!).

As a 'current events test' I put "Jon Venables location" into Google. There is enough information there, that someone with sufficient will could have located him prior to his reincarceration. Frankly, some of the pages that came up were frightening with people openly saying that they would cause harm if he was located.

That is reason enough to have more regulation.

  Forum Editor 22:52 08 Mar 2010

'Regulation' in certain circumstances is just a euphemism for censorship.

We have libel laws that can deal with some things people say, and provided those who operate public or private internet discussion forums use a modicum of common sense it's relatively easy to control the worst excesses of human nature in terms of what's published.

The real problem with internet forums is that large numbers of them are unmoderated, or so badly moderated that it amounts to the same thing. One of the most commonly used phrases on the internet must be 'freedom of speech'. Lots of people believe that there's some kind of overarching right granted to us all that allows us to say exactly what we like, when and where we like. The second most widely used saying is 'I'm entitled to my opinion'. To that I say 'yes, you are, but you're not necessarily entitled to publish it for all the world to see. Sometimes we may think things in private but not say them in public.

  Devil Fish 23:45 08 Mar 2010

the internet a human right what is the world coming to

i think for sure it has become a way of life in many aspects i wouldnt put it up their as a human right i enjoy the internet but if it dissapeared tomorrow i could live without it as could everyone they would adapt

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