International Phone Calls in the Early Hours

  Newuser939 10:16 10 Jan 2014

Twice in the last week the phone has rung at about 2.00am and the caller id showed "International Out Of Area". I don't know who it was as I just answered and put the phone straight down to stop it ringing. Has anyone else had this? Is it just a rogue automatic dialler or is it a business which is so stupid as to think I would be interested at that time in the morning?

  Woolwell 12:29 10 Jan 2014

The vast majority of these International Out of Area calls are from India with someone trying to sell something, a "survey" or a scam usually PC related. I don't think that the phone companies can do anything to stop them. I had a call yesterday from one these computer scam companies informing me that someone was accessing my wife's computer. Which was impossible as it wasn't even powered on.

  hastelloy 14:47 10 Jan 2014

Try TrueCall. Amazon sell them for £99 - I've had one for several years and it's well worth it IMHO.

  Ex plorer 14:47 10 Jan 2014

I got one around 5am this morning, It was a government aware scheme of sorts I hung up before it went any further.

I hope they got there am. pm. mixed up and will sort it out a-sap.

  morddwyd 19:53 10 Jan 2014

I'll also vote for TrueCall.

Only 39 numbers in the whole world, including all mobiles, can ring straight through without getting my permission (and none of them are in India!).

I've not had one unwanted phone call in four years (five or six a week previously).

  rdave13 20:23 10 Jan 2014

Not really bothered. Phone rings downstairs when upstairs in bed. Base makes a tiny few bleeps. I answer, if no reply in seconds, drop the receiver, turn over and thank the lord it isn't 04.00 am .

  wescliff 14:49 15 Jan 2014

Had one at 7:am yesterday informing me how they could help with my recent accident. I politely informed him that if I ever found out where he was, he would be the victim of an accident, and then told him what injuries he would receive. At least it gave me some satisfaction.

  onthelimit1 14:05 16 Jan 2014

Weird, isn't it. I'm ex-directory and have not had a single one of these calls in the 19 yrs I've had this number.

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