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Intermittent fluorescent light any ideas.

  Blackhat 16:03 19 Sep 2019

Hi guys, I did a house re-furb 20 years ago which include installing 2 tubes in the attic and 1 in the kitchen, all purchased together. Attic is used on a daily basis and no problems. The last 2 years my kitchen tube occasionally fails to come on, it just glows at the ends. Turn on & off a few time and it will mostly start, other times it never comes on. Despite changing both tube & starter twice in the last 2 years I am still having the same problem, sometimes I can go six months between issues, it has just started happening again, any ideas?

  alanrwood 16:55 19 Sep 2019

Try cleaning the starter contacts of the light fitting (not the starter itself.

  BT 17:32 19 Sep 2019

As the units are 20 years old perhaps new ones are in order.

  Old Deuteronomy 21:04 19 Sep 2019

We switched the tube in our kitchen to LED earlier this year. Instant full brightness at awitch-on, power consumption down from 70W to 28W (6ft tube), brighter and no installation hassles. It is a Crompton tube, was supplied with a replacement for the starter and no modification to the fitting was required.

  Blackhat 21:16 19 Sep 2019

Hi guys, forgot to mention I did a re-build on the unit last year cleaning all contact point. All units are same age, no issues in attic, this houses my wife's workshop and has had daily usage for 20 years.

  Forum Editor 22:13 19 Sep 2019

I suspect that in a 20 year old fitting the problem is more likely to be the ballast.

Why don't you replace the fittings with modern LEDs - far more energy efficient and a long operating life.

  BT 09:12 20 Sep 2019

All units are same age

Doesn't mean they'll all last the same length of time. I bought some LED lamps a while ago. Ist one lasted 3 months and was replaced by the seller and has been going strong now for over two years and is in use nearly all day. A different type got through 3 in as many months. The replacement(from the seller) has now been in use for well over a year.

  Al94 12:23 20 Sep 2019

LED high level brake light unit has just partially failed on my 3 year old SUV, being replaced under warranty.

  Forum Editor 14:46 20 Sep 2019


I'm not quite sure how that is relevant, but you obviously think it is.

  Al94 08:31 21 Sep 2019

Maybe to do with life of leds? No guarantee of longevity.

  Forum Editor 09:01 21 Sep 2019


"Maybe to do with life of leds? No guarantee of longevity."

I suppose it is an indication that - as with pretty well anything - there can be no cast-iron guarantees of longevity, but statistically I think LEDs tend to have a much longer life. Technologies mature over time - lots of people will remember the 'dead pixel' issues that plagued the flat screen industry when the technology was in its earlier stages. Our forum was full of posts about massaging pixels with cotton buds etc.

In the main I think it's safe to say that LED lamps are a good bet, but some other lamps can give them a run for the money - I have a halogen desk lamp that has run all day, every day for over seventeen years on the same bulb. It was very expensive when i bought it, and I imagine the high quality electronics in the base have contributed to the longevity of the bulb.

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