Interesting virus software

  Maverick81 17:49 11 Apr 2005

Hello all

I have recently just had a training course with these guys so I have seen this in action and I am quite amazed with this.

Its a piece of anti virus software called norman antivirus click here

It uses something called Sandbox technology which catches 96% of viruses even if there isnt a virus definition for it

Apparently even Microsoft and GHCQ use there software....well worth a look



  Curio 19:51 11 Apr 2005

but a touch expensive for the home user maybe

  Totally-braindead 22:11 11 Apr 2005

As Curio says interesting but who says it catches 96% of viruses, they do, and how does that compare to the others? Every anti virus manufacturer bandies about facts and figures and goes on about they've got this or whatever and how theres is better than the others. The only testimonies I believe are those I read in reviews and tests and even then I look for more than one review, its entirely possible for one magazine to say something is better than anything else on the market and for others not to agree. As I said its interesting Maverick81 but you seem to be very excited about this, perhaps in part due to your training course. Perhaps this software is the best thing since sliced bread but I reserve judgement until I see some independant reviews and more details other than on their website about whether this is new and how well it works in comparison to what else is out there. I use AVG after problems with Norton am very happy with it and its free, so anything else would have to be very good for me to shift.

  Indigo 1 22:55 11 Apr 2005

I heard about the 'Sandbox' method a few months ago. It was said then that it would be the 'Next Big Thing' in A/V software and that there were trials going on to see how good it was. I am still looking for the results of the trials but the fact that there is a production version on sale means they have had some success, it will be interesting to watch further developments.

  Belatucadrus 11:35 12 Apr 2005

click here for Virus bulletin results, not bad.

  Maverick81 11:59 12 Apr 2005

Believe me I am not often impressed by software training infact I love giving the microsoft OEM trainers some real ear ache but this software is really good !!

I am also a user of AVG but out of the 3 systems I run only one now is running AVG.

The sandbox method does really seem to work very well (good enough for microsoft) so much so that Mcafee have recently just filed a patent for a method quite similar.

The sandbox runs like a virtual OS and gives the file its scanning a pop and smtp server a fake address book ftp and all a whole host of ports and then the sandbox monitors the file to see what interactions it takes. So even if a virus definition hasnt been written it should pick it up. It also comes with a pretty handy firewall and parental control package too.

Check out sandbox live see what u think

click here



  DieSse 02:41 19 Apr 2005

"It uses something called Sandbox technology which catches 96% of viruses even if there isnt a virus definition for it"

How could you possibly measure this. How about I sent you 100 new viruses written to the same standard as the 4% it says it misses - it would miss all of them, and then what percentage would you say it caught.

What a totally meaningless and illogical (and impossible to substantiate) claim.

  Indigo 1 13:27 19 Apr 2005

You have to admit that the theory behind it is very interesting, a vitual O/S within your PC that allows virus' to do their thing and so be caught in the act.

I will agree with DieSse's comments to a degree "How about I sent you 100 new viruses written to the same standard as the 4% it says it misses" you have a point but it seems a little extreme (to me).

  Maverick81 16:52 19 Apr 2005

Hey nobody is saying this is a perfect piece of software but I have seen it pick up virus's in files which norton/kaspersky/mcafee all missed.

The sandbox idea is a very good one, whether or not you want to give this software a go is down to you.

This is speakers corner and all I was doing was giving people the chance to have a look at this software....

But I am pretty sure we'll be seeing more of norman as time goes on



  DieSse 18:34 19 Apr 2005

Norman is an excellent AV company, with a good record for their products - why they want to make such a pointlessly silly claim of 96% (not 95, or 97 note) - is totally beyond me.

No criticism of your report intended.

PS the sandbox idea for AV progs has been around before - somebody used it about 5/6 years ago - but they've disappeared or sold out.

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