interesting spam mail message

  p;3 18:21 02 Feb 2006

had this message as previewed in mailwasher
had to read it several times to assure myself that it IS spam and not a misdirected "legitiamte" mail!!!
"Dear Jim,

6 months ago I was let go from a job I held for 312 months would you

Its very hard to thank you enough for launching me in this industry. You
have given me a new beginning on life. Already making twice as much as I
took home in my old job.

I purchased for cash a new Mercedes. Taking home 165,000US in 18 months. I
am having a great time in this profession. It is enjoyable and I am a hero
to the courts and to my customers. What an exciting occupation to be in.

Following exactly what your instruction tells me to do, is proceeding
perfectly. I go to the local court and locate all of the customers I can

I employ your advanced reporting services to find all items which can be
seized. Using your fill in the blank forms I deliver them to the appropriate
firms. Then the funds arrive to my PO Box. Its like magic. Its so exciting
opening up the payments as they arrive..

I can take a holiday when ever we have a notion to do so. England and
Brazil this year.

Provide this letter to others. This profession is so untapped it needs
many more of us assisting the courts and the people who have been harmed.

Boyd W. WA

This can be you!

Advance to our web site below where we provide you more indepth facts about
our structure at 0 outlay or requirement. You do not have a thing to lose
and a lot to profit.

(I (p;3)have deleted the web site address to save an undesirable link appearing on forum )

Higher to learn more or to discontinue receiving more info and then to see

am still having to reread it to tell myself it IS NOT legitimate!!

are they getting cannier or what?!!

  Forum Editor 18:47 02 Feb 2006

and transparently so; bin it.

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