Interesting and puzzling problem or not?

  rickf 10:52 05 Feb 2018

Hi All, After a fairly long drive I stopped at the traffic lights and the car started stalling a bit when I began to move on.It also appeared to be injecting fuel when stationary. The symbol indicating a problem with the air flow mass meter sensor lit up. When back home I ordered a replacement for the car, a Volvo V40 estate. Two days later before the item arrived said symbol on dashboard disappeared and car then drove smoothly since then. Dilemma- Would you proceed with replacing the part concerned.

  Cymro. 11:04 05 Feb 2018

If the part is not too expensive in your opinion then I would keep the part as the chances are that the fault will return sooner or latter. However if you don't want to spend money and it is possible to return the part then do so as you do seem to have been able to get the part delivered quite quickly and so if the fault does recour you could just reorder.

  canarieslover 12:09 05 Feb 2018

If you are certain that it is that part that caused the problem then replace it. Next time it fails it may be at an inconvenient time or place.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 05 Feb 2018

If I had already purchased it then yes I would replace it for peace of mind.

canarieslover They never fail in a convenient place - wife (while still learning) stalled the car at a busy junction in Barnstable at rush hour and the starter jammed. Thought the traffic warden directing traffic was going to have heart attack

Another starter motor jam, on a works car, occurred at a set of lights in the middle of Crewe 0830 alot of people were upset til I got out the car with the screw jack in my hand then look astonished as I proceded to bash hell out of the starter motor with it until it freed off. :0)

  rickf 14:04 05 Feb 2018

Have decided to keep it in the car just in case. The car is running well and I think perhaps the software just readjusted itself. It's not a difficult job as far as I can see. Thanks for all the replies. Got another problem with Wins 10 update, see other thread. Would like some help please in Techroom.

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  oresome 16:33 05 Feb 2018

I remember the day we were moving house.

I didn't trust the removal men with various electrical and delicate items, so I'd put the back seats down and loaded the estate car up to the roof with them.

Come the time to leave and the starter motor wouldn't turn.

It didn't fail again until a few days later when I called at the fish shop for supper and we ended up with a cold meal.

It was a newish company car and the dealer knew exactly what the problem was. There was a dead spot on the starter motor and it was a matter of luck as to where it happened to come to a rest after previously starting the car.

The point being cars always breakdown at the most inconvenient time.

  bumpkin 19:33 05 Feb 2018

The point being cars always breakdown at the most inconvenient time.

Add to that the most inconvenient places. My pickup truck just cut out and stopped in a narrow but busy country lane with passing places. In the narrowest bit of course without any passing places and during the morning rush. As the queues built up my only option was to push it into somebody's driveway. Unable to do this on my own the impatient horn blasters finally realised that they would have to help me or go nowhere. The only way the police or recovery could get to it was by getting everybody to reverse out from one end of the lane.

  qwbos 23:45 05 Feb 2018

It also appeared to be injecting fuel when stationary

That suggests the MAF's reading high which would also contribute to the stalling you experienced.

Interesting read and loads of tips , complete with "interesting" accent.

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