The intelligence of senior management

  bumpkin 19:35 18 Jun 2018

Let me pose you this one. My son and his colleague are air conditioning installers, they work in London. The job is behind schedule and they are desperate to get it finished on time asking people to do overtime as they can’t get the right labour. They were both working on the ninth floor scaffolding, all netted up as required.

Big boss turns up and says they should be wearing wristbands attached to their tools in case they are dropped and bounce over the netting. OK, I can accept that on a health and safety issue but instead of asking them to use them he sent them home at lunch time as punishment, meaning half a days pay lost. They could not give a toss, nice sunny afternoon off and no point in doing Sat morning now as it will be basic rate. Who is the loser at the end of the day .

  bumpkin 14:02 19 Jun 2018

Thanks for your comments which are of course valid. As said by Gordon my views were biased as my son was involved. I will invite him to read this.

  oresome 17:50 19 Jun 2018

Many a time they have come running back asking when I will be returning.

And what happens at the other times when they don't run after you?

  bumpkin 20:34 19 Jun 2018

He viewed it and said " of course we know the regs re tethers but the scaffolding was netted, so if someone would like to clarify things then we are happy to comply"

  HondaMan 20:58 19 Jun 2018

If they had been told then they would have used them

As, presumably, professional installers, they should KNOW the rules without having to be reminded.

  lotvic 21:05 19 Jun 2018

Thank you for this thread, I shall in future avoid every building that is having work done. Forewarned and all that - I'll detour down another street sharpish.

  bumpkin 21:07 19 Jun 2018

Rules are never crystal clear for every possible situation or circumstances.

  aquatarkus 21:49 19 Jun 2018

hi there, I work on large (and some small) construction sites everyday throughout the UK (Heat Interface Unit and Energy metering systems engineer) and to be honest very surprised they weren't red carded. The tethering of tools would have been covered in the site induction they had to attend and should also have been in the RAMS (Risk assessment & method statement)they would have to have submitted prior starting any works. If they had been red carded that would mean that they would have been banned from any site where the main contractor was the same as on this site. They appear to have been lucky and seem to have been issued with a yellow card, go home for the day and on the return to work the following day attend a site reinduction and go through their RAMS again.

I have no sympathy with either of them and if your comment "They couldn't give a toss" is correct then sites are better of without them. Perhaps they might think about the safety of themselves and others when working on site next time. Regards Keith W Senior Site Support Enginner

  morddwyd 08:29 20 Jun 2018

when some H&S Rep likes to put his foot down on me. It usually backfires on them as I just simply walk off site.

Are you sure you mean a Health & Safety Rep?

These are normally appointed by a trade union to protect their members. They have certain righrs in law, such as access to manafement, paid time off for theor duties and automatic membership pf the Safety Committee.

I used to work closely with mine, often asking them to bring forward stauff that management didn't want brought forward.

Don't forget it is not long, after much effort, since construction lost its place at the top of the most dangerous professions list (now held by agriculture) and it is still not far behind.

Most H&S legislation in the contraction industry has been introduced as a resul of union, i.e. worker, pressure.

If you'd walked off my site because of a safety issue the GMB would not have allowed you back no matter how much management begged.

  Forum Editor 19:08 20 Jun 2018

Every construction project in the UK - even if it takes just a day - must be fully compliant with Construction Design Management (CDM) rules. Your son and his mate - assuming they were contractors or sub-contractors - would be required to provide the client with a copy of their Public Liability insurance certificate, a company health and safety policy document, and a Construction Phase Plane for the contract they were awarded.

Failure to provide these documents means that a client acts illegally if he or she employs them. The client is ultimately responsible for health and safety compliance on a project - not the workers.

Using power tools at height without safety straps is extremely foolish - no good trades-person would dream of doing it.

  bumpkin 19:26 20 Jun 2018

Who mentioned power tools? not me. The thing I would like clarified is are tethers required wnen working on a properly netted scaffolding.

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