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Intelligence and Security Committee Teport

  morddwyd 19:51 21 Jul 2020

For a bunch of senior parliamentarians they are very naive!

Boris will do as his friend Mr Trump wishes, who will in turn do what his friend Mr Putin wishes.

Why else was the non-political National Security Advisor sacked?

  john bunyan 20:19 21 Jul 2020

Because he was disliked by President Cummings.

  rickf 21:10 21 Jul 2020

Oh dear! They didn't order an investigation for fear they might find evidence of interference. You agree??

  john bunyan 22:41 21 Jul 2020

It seems that Brexit clouded their judgement and there is no excuse for holding this report . They tried , unsuccessfully , to get a failed mister “Failing Graylng” to chair the committee and withdrew the whip from Dr Julian Lewis , a much more experienced candidate. This committee should be non political and it remains to be seen if Lewis is allowed to remain its chairman

  john bunyan 22:42 21 Jul 2020

I meant no excuse for holding back the report

  Quickbeam 05:02 22 Jul 2020

I was listening to someone on the radio yesterday that was saying how unfit for purpose our electoral system has become in the digital social media age. That this was brought to attention 20 yeasts ago as ‘lacking’, that recent elections and polls have highlighted this, that there seems to be a deliberate mood to ignor it within government and that it currently suits the agenda of the right.

Excitable paranoia or nail on the head...?

I think that there is more stink to surface over this over the next few weeks.

  morddwyd 08:16 22 Jul 2020

Ye Gods! According to the morning news they're now suggesting a law that says it's illegal to come here and spy on us unless you tell us you're coming here to spy on us!

Yeah, tight!

  morddwyd 09:04 22 Jul 2020

It seems that Brexit clouded their judgement


What judgement?

  rickf 09:56 22 Jul 2020

Chris Grayling was intended to further suppress it's publication. Thanks God, they failed. Speaks volumes about Bojo,Cummings and Gove shenanigans. It's downright criminal. Following the Orange's methodolgy.

  Govan1x 10:28 22 Jul 2020

I find it rather astonishing that they could find Russian interference on the Scotland referendum but could find nothing on interference on Brexit or The last General Election.

Methinks they are hiding what they don't want us to see.

How come no one in the Government was actually recording russian interference, I find that hard to believe. Nobody in all our security services were tracking the Russian interference. Think we need a big spade to dig deeper.

  Quickbeam 12:25 22 Jul 2020


They didn’t look... If you don’t look, well then you can honestly say, nothing was found!

It’s as lame a reasoning as is possible to offer, and is the reason why the PM had just been comprehensively savaged in pmq and could only answer by quoting already discredited cliches from 2016...

We have as rotten a government as any previously labelled rotten government had ever been, And we have them for the full term.

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