Insurance Frauds Increase

  Chegs ®™ 12:12 25 Jun 2008

Seems the present cash strapped nation are committing insurance fraud resulting in a forecast £30 increase on policies come renewal.Its also viewed as a "game" by those committing this type of crime.

Would you condone this type of crime?

Have you ever lost a mobile phone and claimed on the insurance it was a much better model,or would you?

Apparently,these fraudsters view it as a "victimless" crime.Little do these people realise,we all suffer as a result because the insurance renewals increase for us all.

I recall being so dismayed when I was told by a local independant cabbie that he'd arranged for his taxi to be stolen and burned-out when it had become unreliable,that I contacted the police.They thanked me for the information but as far as I'm aware,nothing was ever done about it.This was some years ago,before the present economic recession.

  Cymro. 12:56 25 Jun 2008

I just hope that we are all not going to pretend to be saints in the matter of insurance fraud. I suspect that there are very few people that have not at some time exaggerated an insurance claim. I certainly have.

Yes I do know that it is fraud and certainly not a victimless crime and in no way can I justify it but at least I am wiling to admit that I have done so.

As for is such crime on the increase and are computers to blame? Well I don`t know, just about everything is blamed on computers these days so perhaps they are part of the reason for the increase.

  birdface 13:01 25 Jun 2008

I have never made an insurance claim.Maybe I have just been lucky.

  Cymro. 13:05 25 Jun 2008

Yes indeed very luck I would say.
If we include all kinds of insurance claims then there must be very few people in your very lucky situation.

  Colin 13:23 25 Jun 2008

Insurance fraud has been going on long before the internet, but I take fourm member's point. However, modern technology probably helps in identifying fraudulent claims easier than before. There was a programme on Channel 4 earlier this year about Norwich Union's fraud investigation department. I found it very interesting – especially the claims that looked like dead cert fraud but weren’t.

  ronalddonald 13:37 25 Jun 2008

sort of claims have taken place way back in the 1980's and in some cases 1970's.

Escpecailly to do with car claims ie a gang buy a car and the person who owns it goes out and watches a movie by that time his other fellow mwmber stake the car with a spare key. Thats wh there's car alarms.

It is very wrong becasue of plocies going up and up becasue of these types of crime. Thats how car insurance policies went up.

I should have to pay a highr premuim for some eles greed

  DrScott 18:06 25 Jun 2008

overclaimed on insurance.

However, certain garages have been implicated in upping their work costs if they know an insurance company is footing the bill.

  laurie53 20:24 25 Jun 2008

I have twice done the opposite.

Claimed for a camera and the replacement was cheaper than the original, and claimed for a postal loss for which I later received compensation from a third party.

In both cases I returned the funds to the insurance company.

I would have thought this was perfectly normal behaviour.

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