Insurance Co's -Oh how they wriggle

  jack 19:52 18 Sep 2008

to get out of paying up.
Two nights ago there was a vehicle fire in a slip road near by- vehicle gutted pavement and road damaged, an adjacent garden fence burned to charcoal and vehicles nearby damaged by heat.
One of my neighbour's cars is one of those damaged./
Melted plastic, shattered glass scorched paint.
His insurers turned down the claim.
'We do not cover vandalism they said'
The car in question was not vandalized, as far as can be made out the fired vehicle' may not have been[An FX4 taxi perhaps]
The claim is for a vehicle with the misfortune to be on the scene.
So I wonder what will be the outcome?
Where will the neighbour go from there.
Ombudsman perhaps

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 18 Sep 2008

Claim off the one that caught fire

  laurie53 20:46 18 Sep 2008

It's a true old saying that you never know how good your insurance company is until you claim.

Don't cover vandalism? Surely damage is damage, unless it's caused deliberately by the insured.

I know there are a lot of exclusions in Northern Ireland for historic reasons, but this seems a bit harsh.

I think we'd all like to know the name of the company!

  peter99co 22:02 18 Sep 2008

One way they will refuse a claim is that it was not garaged and the owner has left it outside overnight.

  oresome 22:04 18 Sep 2008

I read in the paper the other day of a student who had taken out insurance on a push bike.

The bike was stolen and when the student made a claim, the insurer turned it down because the front wheel and saddle had not been removed when it was left unattended. It had been locked.

Hardly practical to carry the wheel and saddle around with you!

  Dragon_Heart 00:47 19 Sep 2008

Get your car stereo pinched Covered

Get your window smashed and your laptop stolen Covered ( even if you were stupid enough to leave it on display but then they probably work for Nationwide or the prison service )

Someone nicks your spark plug leads so your car is immobilised Not covered as it's vandalism !

People want cheap motor insurance so the insurance companies have to cut their costs somehow. Poor customer service and / or rejected claims.

My main grip is not with the insurance companies but the estimated 1.4 million drivers who are uninsured and the little ******* on a scooter who hit the back of the wife's car and rode off. £120 excess, loss of 2 years no claims discount and an extra 20% on the premium. In a way I can understand who some people don't bother with insurance.

  Dragon_Heart 01:01 19 Sep 2008

" Hardly practical to carry the wheel and saddle around with you! "

It's hardly practical to remove the saddle !

I have seen some people carrying around their front wheel. In at least one city they have enclosed cages for bikes which you can fit a padlock.

On the subject of theft one chap had his car stolen so many times he invented a anti theft device which consisted of a 9" blade coming through the drivers seat if the security device was not switched off.

Now I like this idea :-

1. You'll know where to find the culprit and your car !

2. They will think twice about doing it again !

3. Instant punishment, no suspended sentence or social reports !

4. If the would be thief has piles it will cure them !

Apparently his device was refused a patient by the Patients Office as being too barbaric ! They have those side acting flame throwers in South Africa to stop car jacking so why not that ?

  Dragon_Heart 01:03 19 Sep 2008

" One way they will refuse a claim is that it was not garaged and the owner has left it outside overnight. "

......... but only if you said on your application form it was normally garaged overnight

  jack 10:34 19 Sep 2008

That I like - who was the patient - the tea leaf?


  peter99co 10:52 19 Sep 2008

I was told of a man who kept finding his car had been moved when he was out and worked out it was someone who had a key that fitted his car. He installed a nail gun under the seat. He later found a dent in the roof and a small ammount of blood on the seat. His car never moved again apparently.

  spuds 11:47 19 Sep 2008

Its alright talking about setting up safety or protection devices, but should any of these device kill a person then the charge of murder or manslaughter would apply.If injury is caused to an offender, then other charges would also apply including GBH.Plus compensation for the offender may also apply in certain circumstances.

Quite a number of years ago, a friend of mine was doing a normal Friday evening shop in November at a supermarket. Getting near his vehicle he noticed the interior light was being activated. As he got nearer to the vehicle he noticed someone was laying across the front seat trying to remove something from the dashboard. During the confrontation, the offender received a broken leg, and my friend was later charged and convicted. The offender got off.

peter99co-- You can insure a motor vehicle thats parked on a driveway over night.

If you have vehicle breakdown insurance cover, then it might pay to see if vandalism is covered. Some policies now are being changed, excluding various previous acceptable conditions. Extra payments might be required.

Talking about securing bikes, you may see that some people remove the wheels off a bike, and secure them complete with the bike onto some surrounding structure. One point worth considering. If you secure it to a post, make sure that the post as a obstruction piece, otherwise its not unknown for a thief to lift the bike up and over the post.

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