thenurse 23:51 01 Dec 2008

if my frind was fully insured to drive any car(states that on her policy) and her car is stolen is she still insured to drive any car

  DieSse 00:14 02 Dec 2008

Why doesn't she ask her insurance company, and for safety, get it in writing.

They will know - without reading the "small print" we could only guess.

If she's been paid out in settlement of her claim for the theft, her insurance is over - and she would not be covered.

  ami 01:11 02 Dec 2008

"If she's been paid out in settlement of her claim for the theft, her insurance is over - and she would not be covered".
Not so, it's her that's insured not the car and unless her insurer cancels her policy, and refunds the outstanding premiums, then she continues to be insured under the terms of the policy, usually to be covered to drive any vehicle not owned by her, or loaned to her under a hire purchase agreement - unless of course her terms and conditions expressly cancel the insurance in the event of a claim, something I've never seen in an insurance policy.

  john bunyan 08:54 02 Dec 2008

In any event you are usually covered only for "Third party, fire and theft" when driving another vehicle under the "any other vehicle" clause, so if you are at fault and crunch a friend's Ferrari you are resposible for it's repair and the insurance only pays for the lampost!

  Switcher 12:05 02 Dec 2008

It have often been surprised by how little many people are aware of the terms of their insurance. The important point posted by John Bunyan is an example. How many people are aware of that they can only drive anther person's car, on their own insurance, on third party fire and theft or even sometimes Third party only.

When I went with one of my daughters to buy her first car privately the vendor said to her "Take it for a test drive" I pointed out that that was not possible because she was not insured. It's OK he said I have comprehensive insurance. I have discussed these points often with people and it appears many people think that Comprehensive insurance covers everything under the sun. Some years ago I was offered a drive in a pal's brand new BMW 635 Csi worth about £35,000 he did not have an any driver policy and was surprised when I pointed out that it would then be on TP F&T terms. I did not get my drive !!

  ronalddonald 13:35 03 Dec 2008

know you had frind what does a

frind look like can i buy one.

read carefully what John Bunyan wrote!

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