Inspirations for the last doctor who

  WhiteTruckMan 20:07 30 Jun 2007

If anyone saw it, did the writers think no-one would pick up on the parallels? The funeral pyre looked straight out of return of the jedi. And as for the masters ring, has no-one else whatched the flash gordon movie (the one with the music by queen)? complete with the demonic laughter!

Was there any that I missed?


(BTW, excellent finish, definitely one for the OOPS! books lol>)

  Kate B 20:10 30 Jun 2007

Brilliant, wasn't it? John Simm is just superb.

  Guardianangel 20:13 30 Jun 2007

The Power of the Word! Great.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:14 30 Jun 2007

a class act.

BTW, I'm mindfull that people will not have watched it yet, or will watch it tomorrow on bbc3 which is why I tried not to give anything away.


  Forum Editor 20:15 30 Jun 2007

my wife goes into suspended animation. The phone can ring, people can come to the door, but she doesn't move. If I speak to her she ignores me.

It's certainly moved on since the Jon Pertwee/wobbly sets days.

  Kate B 20:17 30 Jun 2007

My Facebook status read for the duration of the episode: Kate is watching Dr Who. Do Not Disturb.

  Totally-braindead 20:22 30 Jun 2007

I liked it enormously and the ring being lifted from the ashes at the end might leave it open for the return of the Master don't you think? Shame the series ended tonight, will just have to wait till Xmas now for the next one.
They really have come on leaps and bounds since they brought Dr Who back, the special effects are so much better than the pathetic ones they used to have, mind you I was a lot younger then and watched every episode.

  robgf 02:17 01 Jul 2007

The first stories were rather weak, it was all flashy effects and no substance, but they are improving, the longer multi-episode stories are better, although the producer still doesn't seem to have grasped the idea of a cliff hanger.
There is no point leaving the characters in peril at the end of an episode and then immediately showing highlights of next weeks episode, it spoils the suspense.

I did prefer the earlier doctors, when they had a bit of an edge to them, the current ones are a bit too sensitive. Still I suppose it's a sign of the times, when you would rather have the butch girl assistant on your side in a fight, than the doctor.
Is Martha gone for good, she wasn't in it for long, I was just getting to like her.

I knew the twist with the master was coming, he's done that trick before, on a couple of occasions.

  DANZIG 10:49 01 Jul 2007

I thought this last (for now) episode of Dr Who was absolutely fantastic.

Since the return of this series, its just got better and better and never fails to disappoint.

What I thought was really great about it as well, was how it ended in the same way as the last time it had a break before a Christmas special. IE with the doctor repeating "What!?!", incredulously.

Absolute genius

  wallbash 15:51 01 Jul 2007

Brilliant series we can all agree on, but let us not play down the wonderful earlier programs.Earlier meaning REALLY early , i.e. William Hartnell days.

Jon Pertwee/wobbly sets yes But wonder what the budget was for those episodes ?

Special effects??? what you could create out of cardboard!
So my fav this series was with the Angels you had to watch.

PS Yes I did watch the very First.

  Belatucadrus 18:02 01 Jul 2007

I can stand the Jon Pertwee wobbly sets, what I find really irritating is the intrusive loud "modern electronic" backing music, boy has that dated badly.

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