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  Shopgirl 11:10 02 Sep 2012

I am going to Oxford tomorrow. Has anybody been to Oxford? I would like some views about the city of Oxford. I will be spending my 47th Birthday down in Oxford. Any nice pubs, attactions which I could visit. Looking forward to your views. Pity John Thaw has passed away.I wonder if there are any John Thaw look alikes lol .

  Bing.alau 11:42 02 Sep 2012

Shopgirl. I thought you would ask where the shops are rather than the pubs. Maybe you should change you ID to "Pubgirl"

  Pine Man 12:00 02 Sep 2012

I would be interested to hear your views after you've been.

Went a while ago and was a bit disappointed. The city itself wasn't bad but with all private traffic excluded the place was overrun with buses belching out diesel fumes and it wasn't very pleasant.

  Shopgirl 12:21 02 Sep 2012

Bing.alua I dont drink alcohol. I like pub lunches. That is why I asked. The strongest I drink is

  morddwyd 16:58 02 Sep 2012

Haven't been to Oxford in about forty years, but when I did used to go I hated it!

City of dreaming spires? Yeah, and daydreaming drivers!

Never mind. Perhaps it's improved over the last forty years.

  john bunyan 17:47 02 Sep 2012

Many years ago I found The Turf Tavern worth a visit (Oxford Dons etc used to go there. 13th Century. I would love to know what it is like now.
Turf Tavern

  john bunyan 17:49 02 Sep 2012

Also see Here:

City Guide

  sunnypete 18:11 02 Sep 2012

Several years ago joined a conducted tour of some of the colleges, very interesting, well worth the small charge...

  Forum Editor 18:42 02 Sep 2012

I know Oxford quite well. We have friends who live there, so we visit quite often, and when I was younger I spent a few years pretending to study there, but in reality I studied the pubs and the girls more than the books I should have been reading.

It's a lovely city,and there are some great pubs. The Bear Inn in Alfred street is the city's oldest (and most cramped) pub - over 700 years old. The Eagle and child in St. Giles is well worth a visit. It used to be Tolkien's local. The Head of the River is a must if you like riverside pubs full of students.

The Trout Inn at Wolvercote is very pretty, and beloved of students. Walk to it if the weather's nice, it's worth it.

Then there's the Turf Tavern in Bath Place, full of atmosphere, and another student haunt.

Can you see a pattern emerging? I told you I studied hard.

  wee eddie 20:30 02 Sep 2012

FE: Does Oxford have any equivalent of Cambridge's King Street Run?

  Forum Editor 23:05 02 Sep 2012

wee eddie

There's no 'run' as such at Oxford. The big (perhaps I should say 'biggest') drink-oriented event has always been the morning of 1st May.

The idea is that you get up at about five in the morning,hire a punt, and have a picnic on the river, under or near Magdalen bridge. The picnic is washed down with liberal quantities of alcohol, and that results in students falling into the river and generally making complete fools of themselves. The night before, there has been a dance, also accompanied by liberal amounts of alcohol, so you can imagine the state most people are in before they even get on the river.

At some point in the 1980s students decided it would be a great idea to jump off the bridge into the river as part of the festivities. The water is fairly shallow there, and needless to say there were accidents. So many accidents happened one year that the authorities decided to close the bridge on that day from then on. I don't know if it's still the case, but I imagine it is - people were badly hurt.

Students, eh? Some of them go on to run the country, and carry on making fools of themselves in other ways.

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