Insomnia And Early Mornings

  Crosstrainer2 04:32 11 Sep 2011

Anyone else awake at this hour? I have been an insomniac for over 15 years and find that the best time of day for doing anything productive are the early hours....Am currently rendering a video file for production later.

Tried sleeping tablets, but didn't like the after effects, and have become used to it....Anyone there?

  mole44 06:13 11 Sep 2011

Hi i to get up early usually 0400,my wife has dementia so most nights i`m awake every 2 hours i've done this 24/365 for the last 5 years so i'm used to early hours,sometimes i may go 36 hours without sleep. like you i find i do my best work in the early hours as well.

  Crosstrainer2 06:17 11 Sep 2011

Sorry to hear about your wife. My insomnia stemmed from the death of mine back in 1996. You do get used to it though, and I like the quite of the mornings when I seem more able to concentrate.

I'm the same as you up about 3:30 or 4AM a couple of coffees and boot the Mac. DOn't seem to suffer tiredness in the later part of the day, just slow down a little :))

  morddwyd 07:42 11 Sep 2011

Not a chronic insomniac, but most nights I wake up around two or two thirty.

If I'm not back to sleep within half an hour or so I know it will be at least two hours.

Not able to do much productive though, and usually read or watch.

I also normally have to recover those two hours around four in the afternoon.

  flycatcher1 10:20 11 Sep 2011

morddwyd Moi aussi, I believe it is quite common with the older generation. I have tried a few things but I prefer a measure of alcohol just before bedtime. It does not always work but it gives a nice feeling.

  rawprawn 11:30 11 Sep 2011

I'm the same as morddwyd as well and if I am not back to sleep within about half an hour I tend to listen to my radio for an hour or so. There are some good plays on Radio 4 Extra, or catch up with the news on Radio 4. I use ear phones so that I don't wake my wife.

  Crosstrainer2 11:34 11 Sep 2011

I'm a big 4extra fan, listen quite a lot at night, a blend of drama, comedy sic-fi etc. Alcohol just seems to wake me up :)) Must be made backwards :))

  sunnystaines 12:24 11 Sep 2011

ask your dr for melatonin capules I take these an hour before bed and they are excellent for a good nights sleep.

  spuds 12:56 11 Sep 2011

I usually hit the sack at about 1.00/2.00am, with intermittent wake-ups till about 6.15am, then finally rise at 6.30/7.00am. Not sure if that pattern is called Insomnia though, perhaps more to do with previous working procedures!.

One thing that I have found recently, is the slight increase of an afternoon rest (nodding off) period in the chair?.

Regarding alcohol we use to find vermouth and lemonade a good nightcap.

  Forum Editor 16:13 11 Sep 2011

"ask your dr for melatonin capules"

By all means ask, but be aware that there can be side effects associated with taking Melatonin. It can increase the risk of blood clotting, so you shouldn't take it if you are also taking warfarin, or any other anti-clotting medicine.

Other side effects can include dizziness, confusion, headache, irritability, vivid dreams, and a temporary reduction in attention and balance. Melatonin can also cause abdominal cramps, nausea, and vomiting, lower blood pressure, and rarely, hallucinations or paranoia.

There can be interactions with drugs that control high blood pressure, and with anti-depressants.

As with all matters relating to taking medicines and/or remedies it's best to consult with your GP first.

  peter99co 16:56 11 Sep 2011

For some time I have woken at 4.56 am. I was told to re-set my biological clock by thinking of a different time before nodding off.

Today I woke at 7.30.

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