OTT_B 01:01 14 Mar 2010

Since I seem to have been suffering from insomnia for the last few nights, I thought i'd ask how everybody else deals with it.


  wiz-king 07:23 14 Mar 2010

Go to bed and put the TV on - works every time - 15 minutes and I am snoring.

  birdface 07:27 14 Mar 2010

Same as wiz-king.

  crosstrainer 07:50 14 Mar 2010

Been a sufferer for years, Not bad when the cricket's on, but my fallback is alway's the radio, World Service, Five Live, Radio Four....Alway's something on to keep me amused in the wee hours.

  morddwyd 08:47 14 Mar 2010

TV, Patience (Solitaire), have a look at the forums, though on occasion that can tend to wind you up and compound the problem!

  Forum Editor 08:58 14 Mar 2010

is to take a short walk in the fresh air before you go to bed.

Take a warm, milky drink to bed, and a good book. Decide that you'll read into the small hours, and settle down to do just that. If it helps, listen to soothing music, played at low volume, on headphones.

If you have problems whizzing around in your mind, try to convert each one into a bubble. Imagine that you're in a beautiful field full of wild flowers, it's a warm, sunny day, and as each problem is converted into a bubble it drifts lazily away into the distance. Watch the bubbles until you can no longer see them.

Some people find that imagining their bedroom to be completely painted and furnished in deep,rich purple can be helpful - close your eyes and imagine the room that way.

Make sure there are no distracting external noises - a dripping tap will make matters worse.

Sleep will come naturally the less you think about it.

Not everyone finds all of these things helpful, but provided your insomnia is mild, and unrelated to a medical condition you should soon find a combination that works for you.

I'm one of those lucky people who fall asleep almost the instant my head hits the pillow, but I know insomnia can drive you mad.

  michaelw 09:34 14 Mar 2010

You could read some people's replies in topics in Speakers Corner...

Seriously, the most important thing is to have a routine, almost to the point of being obsessional. Another technique I have used is when lying in bed count backwards from ten on each finger, lightly pressing them as you're counting. Or another is to visualise a brick wall et al and keep on refocusing the mind to keep on seeing it.

The idea is to slow down the mind and to stop it whizzing round.

  carver 09:54 14 Mar 2010

First thing to do is stop worrying about it, have you changed any thing in your life in the past few weeks.

If you haven't then give it a few more days then go and see your doctor, he/she will NOT prescribe pills but a quick checkup will at least put your mind at ease.

Because of an injury I rarely get more than a couple of hours sleep at a time, the way I deal with it is to get out of bed, make a hot drink then read for an hour.

Hope you sort it out, but if you don't then remember summer is coming and 3.30 AM is sometimes the most spectacular time of the day just as dawn is breaking.

Above all else don't lose any sleep over it.

  OTT_B 10:56 14 Mar 2010

Thanks for the replies everyone. They're all great suggestions.
There's nothing seriously wrong, and it will cure itself in the next few days. I'm starting a new job on Monday (after being unemployed for 16 months) which has got me stressed, that's all.

Warm milky drinks and brick walls are the order of the night, if I can't get to sleep. Might even take a walk earlier in the evening :)

  morddwyd 11:28 14 Mar 2010

To be honest, 1.01 isn't isomnia, just a late night.

If you have a companion, of course, there's one thing that helps, and even if it doesn't you don't feel so badly about being awake!

  peter99co 11:31 14 Mar 2010

It sound a bit girlie but a splash of good perfume on the pillow is worth trying. My wife's works for me. (Chanel No 5)

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