Cara2 21:11 24 Dec 2008

Sadly my sisters friend has died. A Post Mortum(sp?) has been unable to determine the cause so an inquest is to be held.

My sister would like to attend the inquest. How would she find out where and when it is to be held?


  Condom 21:49 24 Dec 2008

Please accept my sincere condolences concerning your loss. Things may have changes since my day but I don't think they will ahve changed that much.

I will assume that this is in England as there are different arrangements in other parts of the UK.

Where a death happens unexpectedly in England particularly out of a hospital environment or wher no GP has had recent involvement there will always be an inquest held to try and establish cause. The local Coroner's Office is the place to start making enquiries and you will find that easily on line or in the local Phone directory.

Your sister will be able to attend and if they were close friend she might even be asked offer testimony.

Post Mortems cannot always identify actual cause of death but can often point to likely cause.

I hope this helps you.

  interzone55 21:56 24 Dec 2008

I wish to echo Condom's condolences.

I would also like to warn your sister that the process at this time of year is treacle slow.

My mum died the week before Christmas a few years ago, and although my mum had been ill for some time, she died quiet suddenly alone at home, so a post mortem was required. Due to the Christmas holiday, and the backlog of bodies, the post mortem wasn't carried out for almost a fortnight.

The PM found no cause for concern, so an inquest wasn't required and we were able to cremate the body just after New Year...

  Cara2 23:27 24 Dec 2008

Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and also your advice.

The Coronor's Office sounds a good place to start.

  Forum Editor 23:55 24 Dec 2008

or near relatives of as deceased person regarding the date of an inquest. Other than them, only what are called other 'interested persons' have a right to attend an inquest, and those people are a parent, child, spouse, personal representative or partner of the deceased.

Interested persons may ask questions and make submissions on points of law, and of course a personal representative may be a lawyer.

Your sister should have no problem in attending the inquest, subject to the coroner's discretion, but she won't be allowed to take any part in the proceedings.

  spuds 00:15 25 Dec 2008

You might find this click here worthy of a browse, for further information.

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