Innocent until proven guilty

  Phil Ocifer 08:44 16 Nov 2012

As I said to a mate last night, when I was young I was taught that if you were innocent you had nothing to worry about.

I was also taught that " . . . sticks and stones may break my bones . . . " etc and it didn't really matter what people said about me, because I knew the truth.

imho, someone is causing a great deal of fuss about protesting their innocence, and taking things a bit far wrt imminent prosecutions.

Luckily, I'm OK though - the few people who knew anything about my past criminal activities have since died, therefore I know nobody will be approaching me with accusations from my past.

Any comments, please be succinct, write them on the back of a used £50 note and send them to the usual address :) Thx. Phil

  Quickbeam 09:20 16 Nov 2012

"I for one wouldn't stop at a pound of flesh!"

As is the case with your telephone call recording thread!

  Phil Ocifer 09:39 16 Nov 2012

Sorry, I didn't point the finger at anyone in particular so don't sue me thanks.

Well it appears to be fairly obvious that there may have been a case of mistaken identity which is in the news at the moment.

Yes, when I was arrested (more likely "taken in") for a crime I didn't commit, all I did was protest my innocence and they eventually let me go home - no hard feelings; the police made a mistake. I certainly didn't make it my business to sue for wrongful arrest, loss of earnings, defamation of character etc.

WTM you give the impression of being a very vindictive person. Didn't you stand for office some time ago? Do you have problems with road rage? I don't think I'd like to meet you.

  Flak999 10:01 16 Nov 2012

Phil Ocifer

I'm afraid your wrong! There can be few crimes that one can be accused of that are more heinous in nature than child abuse. For a public figure to be accused is doubly damaging, particularly when that figure is completely innocent.

Do you not think that the level of damages that the BBC have agreed to pay out to this person, not show just how serious the damage to his reputation this wholly false accusation has been?

You say: I certainly didn't make it my business to sue for wrongful arrest, loss of earnings, defamation of character etc.

With respect, that is because like me you are a nobody! Not a well known public figure whose reputation once lost in this way is very difficult to restore, for the reasons fourm member points out to you in his post of 09.38.

As has been shown, people who casually libel others using what they think is the anonymity of the internet are in for a very rude awakening, I would reflect on this fact if I were you!

  kad60 17:52 16 Nov 2012

These accusations,like being called a 'snitch',are apt to have someone killed and i do believe that an innocent man has died as a result of such a few years ago.The BBC are being halfhearted in their 'fiscal apology' although money is no replacement for a lost reputation.

flak999's final paragraph (10.01) says it all,i hope the police investigate fully these peoples vicious comments which have placed McAlpine in potential danger.

  morddwyd 20:03 16 Nov 2012

Like fm I had no idea what this thread was all about, until I read further.

Now I know I can't believe that anyone would seriously write such tosh - people, (and it was people, not just the BBC) can accuse you of murder, rape, paedophilia, and anything else, but you mustn't protest or people will think it's true.

What utter rubbish.

  flycatcher1 10:11 17 Nov 2012

Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Eighteen years of undetected crime. Worth £5 on retirement.

Is there anyone here who has not broken one law or another? I have and paid for it.

  morddwyd 10:31 17 Nov 2012

"Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Eighteen years of undetected crime. "

And bar, 33 years years in my case, but it wasn't all undetected, as I had three spells in the cooler!

Worth the fiver, but not a lot else!

  flycatcher1 10:18 18 Nov 2012

WTM I completely agree with your post. If you are innocent of a crime fight your corner with every available tool.

Once upon a time I was caned at school for a crime when I was innocent. I did not complain, well, I couldn't, but I had got away with many pranks without being caught so I just took the punishment.

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