Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Scheme

  Pesala 17:48 18 Nov 2004

Owners of HP, Canon, and Lexmark printers can recycle their printer cartridges by picking up a posting bag from their Vet. The scheme click here donates £1 to the RSPCA for each cartridge that can be successfully recycled.

  Dorsai 17:58 18 Nov 2004

Thanks Pesala, will pop down the local vets at the weekend. We have several of these printers at work.

  Ian58 18:19 18 Nov 2004

I don`t know about the RSPCA, but here in Scotland you can donate your ink-cartridges straight to the SSPCA. They get more than £1 for each cartridge.

  spuds 19:12 19 Nov 2004

Recycling empty inkjets can be a rewarding and worthwhile thing, especially if it is for a good charity. But there can be an hidden problem if the refiller decides that the inkjet cartridge is faulty or perhaps not the correct type.A small local charity in my region collected a good supply of empties, only to be told that most of them were not usable, and no payments were given. Good intentions with a bad result.

  Dorsai 19:37 19 Nov 2004

But surly trying to help is better than not bothering at all.

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