Initial MoT To Go To Four Years?

  morddwyd 10:53 22 Jan 2017

click here see there's a proposal that the initial MoT, for new cars, goes to four years instead of three.

Doesn't seem unreasonable t me.

Cars have become a lot safer and more reliable and longer lived since it was introduced.

Back the you could see some real "sheds" on the road even at two years, but they are much rarer now.

Spealing personally I have always thought the the accident rate would come down more if drivers, not their vehicles, ahd an MoT every three years but that's a whole new thread!


  Pine Man 10:58 22 Jan 2017

If my memory serves me correct it was known as the 10 year test when introduced. Makes you wonder how safe 9 year old cars were then!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:02 22 Jan 2017

Mine's due its first in March unless I get rid before.

Think the MOT has done its job in keeping complete wrecks off the road.

  morddwyd 11:03 22 Jan 2017

Yes, and then there really were some "sheds" on the road.

I know, I ran some of them!

  oresome 11:06 22 Jan 2017

The evidence seems to support it.

I would think that most new car owners will have their vehicles regularly serviced, to maintain the manufacturers warranty if for no other reason and this should catch any potential safety issues within the first four years.

  Cymro. 12:40 22 Jan 2017

As everything is kept on record these days there must be some facts and figures somewhere that prove this to be a correct course of action or perhaps even not the correct thing to do.

  Al94 18:47 22 Jan 2017

Always been 4 years in Northern Ireland - its a sensible way forward.

  x123 18:59 22 Jan 2017

If the car does average milage and is serviced at regular intervals by a reputable garage, I see no problem going over to 4 years.

I usually clock up about 75,000 in 3 years and tend to change around that time. The car is always serviced at it's correct milage but I feel that after 80,000 you loose more in garage fees than you do trading in for a new one. The only reservation I would have is those high milers who do not get the cars regularly checked.

  Simsy 15:25 27 Jan 2017

I'm sure that when I lived in Northern Ireland, in the 80's, it was 7 years. And you could only have the test done at an official government test centre... Garages couldn't do them.



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