Ingenious low cost lighting solution

  Al94 08:34 20 Sep 2011
  natdoor 09:01 20 Sep 2011

That is interesting. They are DIY light pipes.

  carver 09:16 20 Sep 2011

Theres one difference between their light pipes and the ones we use, it's about £200.00

Why is it that these sort of ideas are so simple yet it can take years for some one to think of doing it, all it is light refraction of water so why didn't "I" think of it.

  Aitchbee 09:38 20 Sep 2011

I have tried to watch the video footage...It's 11 am and the Meloi family...then it freezes.I have got a mobile usb dongle connection.Why does it always freeze about 16 seconds into clip.I have tried it ten times. Very frustrating.Why can't they have windows like most sensible people do?

  dagbladet 09:48 20 Sep 2011

Works computer - No videos.

How does this light work?

  carver 09:50 20 Sep 2011

AitchBEE I believe the reason is to do with some thing like a lack of money and it could be a bit difficult when the next house is about 18 inches from yours

  Aitchbee 09:51 20 Sep 2011

Has anybody came up with an ingenious low cost internet solution?I have spent about 40p of my monthly internet bill trying to watch that video on ways to save money!

  Crosstrainer2 10:42 20 Sep 2011

Play's fine on mine....What a great idea...Using nature instead of burning resources too!

  Quickbeam 11:16 20 Sep 2011

Watching the video is an eye opening reminder that there really are people that are as poor as fm mentions.

  interzone55 11:35 20 Sep 2011

fourm member

How do you make the bullet point list?

Talking of ingenious use of nature instead of electricity, I saw a video recently of a British girl who developed a simple evaporation refrigerator for use in Africa.

The basic design involves two buckets, one larger than the other. Pack the base of big bucket with earth until the rim of the smaller bucket is level with the rim of the larger bucket. Now pack the sides with more earth.

Put what you want to keep cold in the small bucket, and pour lots of water on the earth packing until it's totally saturated.

As the water evaporates in the heat of the day it draws heat away from the earth, thus keeping the contents of the small bucket chilled.

The beauty of this is that it doesn't matter how filthy the water is, as it is kept away from the food in the inner bucket...

  Aitchbee 13:34 20 Sep 2011

I recycle my 'waste' gas-powered dishwater water by washing my feet in it.Then I recycle that water by making some strong coffee...who's to know?

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