Inflated cost of holidays

  namtas 20:08 24 Feb 2014

Holiday companies are accused of inflating holiday prices during school holiday periods.

Good marketing or a rip off?

  geoff96 20:34 24 Feb 2014

Supply and demand.

  fourm member 21:43 24 Feb 2014

What geoff96 said.

A holiday is not a right. If people can't afford to go then they can't go.

The tourism business is all about making your profit when there is demand and hoping that the demand is strong enough to cover the losses you'll make the rest of the year when you're keeping your infrastructure together.

Unless things have changed, British package holidays are the cheapest around anyway.

We used to stay in a hotel that was also used by operators from Sweden and Norway. A Norwegian we met worked out that he could have saved money by flying to the UK and taking a British package holiday.

  wee eddie 22:02 24 Feb 2014

I would assume that they discount their holidays during Term Time rather than the other way around

  namtas 13:33 25 Feb 2014

Education Secretary Michael Gove suggests parents should pressure schools to alter term time to stop families being fleeced, by holiday firms.
Apparently that same holiday can cost as much as £600 more if families travel during the school holiday period.

  wee eddie 15:22 25 Feb 2014

Tenerife is really cheap in February but then most of the facilities are shut down and they need your business

  Batch 16:10 25 Feb 2014

"Tenerife is really cheap in February but then most of the facilities are shut down and they need your business"

Where on earth did you get that idea?

It is peak season out there at this time of year. Apart from Xmas, accommodation costs are highest at this time of year. It's snowbird land. Bods don't need to go there in the summer as there is a whole lot more (with good weather) available then.

  Batch 16:12 25 Feb 2014

In any event, back on the main topic. Answer = don't have children (aka Spawn of Satan).

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