Inflammatory political language by MPs

  Ungus 08:55 02 May 2017

During a rare visit to Scotland the the British prime minister stated that she would and i quote " take action against extremists and separatists". Now the only people i am aware of in Scotland that could be seen by some in the British establishment as separatists are the SNP so was this some kind of intimidation tactic or just stupid. We have already had a Telegraph correspondent calling for Nicola Sturgeon to be beheaded you have to ask the question of who is intimidating who or should we put this down to not engaging brain before opening mouth or should those if us involved in the stuggle for Scottish independence prepare for another British act of proscription in Scotland.

  john bunyan 09:15 02 May 2017

The election is coming and if the SNP retain their 56 seats at Westminster I suspect an Indy 2 will be hard to resist albeit post brexit.

  rickf 11:23 02 May 2017

The Tories are becoming very arrogant exemplified by their use of language especially in describing JC,NS and TF. Personally, I believe this belie the attitude of the Tories.

  Cymro. 11:57 02 May 2017

The arrogant English establishment find it impossible to understand why any part of the UK would want to opt out of the Union and yet they are all for BREXIT. So it is in their eyes unreasonable to be in any way ruled from the EU but perfectly alright for Scotland to be ruled from London. They don't understand and probably never will. It is all part of their "Little Englander, Rule Britannia" attitude that should have long since died along with the Empire on which the sun never set.

  john bunyan 13:27 02 May 2017

There is no evidence that Scotland, Wales nor Northern Ireland wish to leave the U.K. The Scots decided to stay in as recently as 2014, and their MP's are a part of "Westminster " - indeed there have been a number of U.K. PM's from Scottish constituencies , such as Gordon Brown. I cannot understand why narrow minded nationalists do not think of themselves as British; I certainly regard myself as such , rather than English. Also, with oil in the doldrums, English taxes allow Scotland (which gets about an extra £8 billion more than they get in local taxation) to spend a lot more per head on such things as free University tuition etc, whilst moaning about "Tory cuts". Most English, I am sure, do not feel anything but kind thoughts about Scotland , with no desire to break up a U.K. that has worked together for over 300 years.

  Forum Editor 17:02 02 May 2017

john bunyan

I can't really add much to your last post, except to say that if the attitude of some of our nationalist forum members are anything to go by, Scotland is awash with paranoia.

Or perhaps we just attract the more paranoid members of the Scottish nation - that seems more likely, given that Scots voted 'no' to independence when they had their referendum. That would be the 'once in a lifetime' referendum that apparently was only once in a lifetime if the Nationalists got the result they wanted.

  Aitchbee 20:00 02 May 2017

I can't really add much to your last post, except to say that if the attitude of some of our nationalist forum members are anything to go by, Scotland is awash with paranoia.

Yeah, that's why I am voting for the tories. I must be paranoid.

  Forum Editor 22:24 02 May 2017


That probably makes some sense to you - it makes none to me.

  Aitchbee 23:06 02 May 2017


Your statement that Scotland is awash with paranoia is the kind of inflammatory political language that Ungus was talking about. It does you no favours.

  wee eddie 23:44 02 May 2017

I just bit my tongue.

  Forum Editor 08:29 03 May 2017


My statement was not political language - I'm not a politician - it was simply my personal opinion, based on what I see here, in our forums and elsewhere.

Scotland is a beautiful country, and is full of friendly people. A sizeable minority, however, seem to spend life moaning about how all us Southerners are out to get them at every opportunity. It's tiring to listen to it, and it does the country no good.

Scottish nationalists are unable to move on from the fact that their fellow Scots voted to keep Scotland in the union. They bang on about it endlessly, and talk about another referendum, oblivious to the fact that their fellow Scots just want to get on with their lives. It is selfish beyond belief, but they don't care.

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