Infinite cats PAH ;-)

  Kev.Ifty 23:51 05 Aug 2006

This link from WXPNews is worth at least 10 cats..

click here

(links to a video suitable for all ages!)

:-) Kev.

  rdave13 00:15 06 Aug 2006

Hate cats. Looked at this vid and hate cons more. Worst of it is I can't work it out.

Good though.

  Kev.Ifty 00:37 06 Aug 2006

You reckon it's a con (maybe). I thought it was a good old fashioned optical illusion albeit with a modern twist.

Either way it's amusing methinks!

  ed-0 01:16 06 Aug 2006

The surface is sloped away or has a drop, look at the difference to the persons hands.

If the surface is sloped then it is a high angle, then the camera compensates. i suspect that it is dipped, it has a drop, so the 2d images look irregular.

  Forum Editor 09:49 06 Aug 2006

I think not.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:08 06 Aug 2006

Well isn't that wonderfull, he typed sarcastically. No cat is ever as boring as that video.

  gudgulf 10:27 06 Aug 2006

Of course it's an optical illusion!

I'm a Radiographer (I take X-rays) in a Hospital and I have to take steps to minimise the effect you are seeing in many of the films I is referred to as geometric distortion and is to do with objects being nearer the source of the Xrays being magnified compared to those that are further away, or where the x ray beam is at an angle to the x ray film.

In this case the camera is at an angle to the table which makes the uppermost shape further away from the lens than the lower one.

It is an illusion because it is how the two 3D objects end up being represented on the resultant 2D video.Without the benefit of a 3D perspective your eye is tricked into seeing something which is not the whole truth,

  SG Atlantis® 11:42 06 Aug 2006

We used to do things like that in school science classes!

Hardly genius.

  Sethhaniel 12:18 06 Aug 2006

may your sleep be interrupted by the catawailing of a million moggies ;)

and your days be confused by endless optical illusions :)

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