Independent Scotland out of the EU ?

  flycatcher1 19:11 06 Dec 2012

It is said that an Independent Scotland would have to apply to join the EU. Now there is a problem for some politicians.

  Aitchbee 19:47 06 Dec 2012

Evan Davies - the Radio 4 TODAY presenter, this morning, quipped ( whilst interviewing someone connected to the subject) "Would England & Wales [after Scottish Independance] have to re-apply for EU membership?".There was a deafening silence!

  bremner 19:52 06 Dec 2012

...because the line had gone dead.

Not surprisingly this is disputed by the SNP

  morddwyd 19:55 06 Dec 2012

It is being argued at some length.

The bottom line decision appears to be whether Scotland would be regarded as a new state or not.

A new state has to reapply, ad existing member state doesn't.

One argument is that all qualifying residents in Scotland are already citizens of the EU, with full voting rights for MEPs, and that can't be easily taken off them.

The counter argument is that Scotland may be a country, but it is not a state, within the EU meaning of the term

The politicians, and the members of this forum, will have very little to do with this one, it will be the constitutional lawyers who decide, and I don't think there will be a decision any time soon.

I personally think the question is academic!

  flycatcher1 20:58 06 Dec 2012

With the amount of money that we contribute to the EU they will never let us go.

  bremner 21:21 06 Dec 2012


From what was said on the radio - The UK joined the EU, irrespective of whether Scotland leaves the union the UK will continue as the UK and will stay as an EU member state.

As a new independant country the same certainty cannot be assumed at this time for Scotland.

As has been said it is academic as the Scots will be to sensible to leave the UK.

  morddwyd 07:19 07 Dec 2012

"the Scots will be to sensible to leave the UK."

Won't entirely be up to the Scots.

A large number of immigrants, the majority of them English I would think, will have the vote, as will I.

  Quickbeam 09:14 07 Dec 2012

"At the very least it's a potential opportunity to renegotiate our membership."

Would we really be daft enough to rejoin a club that doesn't really want us after having our membership rescinded?

I see it as the best opportunity to we're ever likely to have to get our bat and ball back from the bullies...

  sunnystaines 10:10 07 Dec 2012

i think the EU has seen that scotland on its own would need constant aid and bailouts and put out their barge poles.

looks like england will have to continue to support scotland, despite this would like to see scotland stay in the uk if the majority of scots want that.

  morddwyd 19:31 07 Dec 2012

"the EU has seen that scotland on its own would need constant aid and bailouts"

Scotland could get by for years on what Greece gets every month!

  Aitchbee 19:48 07 Dec 2012

morddwyd - comparing Scotland with Greece ie. ... making comparisons ... is tantamount to saying Andy Stewart is better than Nana Mouskouri ... or vice versa ... you're askin' for trouble!

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