Increase in Postal charges

  anchor 13:43 22 Mar 2010

From 6th April 2010, Royal Mail are increasing postal charges. 41p for a 1st class normal size letter, 32p for a second class.

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(see section 7)

Buy your stamps in advance.

  anchor 13:48 22 Mar 2010

Sorry the link seems to be incorrect; try this one;

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Scroll down to section 7

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:15 22 Mar 2010

What is this post thing of which you speak? Where doth one find such a post thing? Is it some ancient trickery of the devil and his cohorts that hath been brought upon us?


  Toneman 18:34 23 Mar 2010

Must use up my Christmas stamps quickly, presumably they will be surcharged after the increase...

  canarieslover 18:44 23 Mar 2010

It's no wonder the Royal Mail is dying. I send so little by post nowadays that I estimate that it will probably cost me an extra 50p over the next year. A few years ago I may have moaned about the increase but now I'm not that affected as it's only a few birthday and Christmas cards that I have to physically post.

  ronalddonald 18:56 23 Mar 2010

wont be tipping the postie this Christmas ba humbug due to price hike in postal stamps

  oresome 20:57 23 Mar 2010

Perhaps it may deter the sending of some of the junk mail I receive, but I doubt it.

  interzone55 09:12 24 Mar 2010

Just the opposite I'm afraid, as Royal Mail have just removed the restriction on the amount of unaddressed mail they will deliver.

It used to be three items per household per week, but now there will be no limit. Which means I'll have to get a bigger recycling bin...

  DANZIG 13:48 24 Mar 2010

I doubt I or anyone here could deliver a posted letter to anywhere in mainland Britain in a day for 41p. I say make the cost of a stamp 50p, do away with second class postage, and give businesses a special low rate of bulk posting.

  MAT ALAN 14:30 24 Mar 2010

SNAIL MAIL including PARCEL FARCE have managed to completely loose TWO items for me since xmas, they are nothing short of a joke...

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