Inconsiderate graphics design

  Jim Thing 13:25 14 Jan 2006

The choice of colours for text and background in some panels of the feature on online travel deals (PCA Issue 128, pp 28-30) deserves some kind of award for illegibility. Admittedly I'm in my late seventies and my eyesight ain't what it used to be, but I reckon that specifying purple(?) text on charcoal grey or dark terra cotta (to cite just two examples) does not make for easy reading by people of any age.

I appreciate that this type of inconsiderate graphics design is a subject that has already had an airing or two in these forums, and so I was intrigued to see the heading "Oops, they did it again" above FE's piece on p33, immediately after the travel feature. But I was mistaken, it wasn't FE having a dig at the magazine's graphics designer(s) after all :-]

Could your Art Editor perhaps be persuaded to take a hard look at what (to me at least) is a frequent and infuriating flaw in an otherwise top-class magazine?

  Forum Editor 14:09 14 Jan 2006

in a week's time, and I'll certainly bring this subject up.

  Jim Thing 15:53 14 Jan 2006

...for your prompt response. I'll leave the box unticked for now, as I'll be interested to see whether others feel as strongly as I do.

  knockin on 22:42 14 Jan 2006

I agree, Jim Thing. I seem to remember something similar being raised before, eliciting a response about the need to make the magazine exciting and appealing to the eye. Since the copy is of so little value,I will finish this reply in a white text on a white ba .

  wee eddie 00:20 15 Jan 2006

It's all in the hands of the Research and Development Dept. or whatever it is currently called.

When they have run out of good ideas they get the Art Dept to hash up some really nauseous colour schemes in the name of modernity.

What they seem to forget is that they are trying to reinvent the wheel, it's been done before, and square wheels are rubbish at speed!

  Forum Editor 00:26 15 Jan 2006

What rubbish. Based on absolutely no knowledge of what really goes on, and offensive to the people who work hard to try to make the magazine look attractive when stacked on a newsagent's shelf alongside a dozen other computer magazines.

  wee eddie 00:42 15 Jan 2006

But the problem's been doing the rounds since Aubrey Beardsley published the Yellow Book!

It's not their fault. They've got to come up with something fresh on a regular basis.

p.s. If it's stacked on the shelf. There is no way that a punter will know if the inside pages are pink, purple or white.

I would also point out to them that there are a number of colour combinations that are highly legible, but unfortunately these are usually in the province of the Advertisers.

  knockin on 00:43 15 Jan 2006

I have subscribed for many years, so amnot sure what attracts the man in the newsagents. Surely the mag can have variety, interest AND a decent contrast between ink and paper? After all if he buys for the first time, he will only suscribe to future editions if he can read the content comfortably?

  silverous 00:46 15 Jan 2006

Web sites often suffer from inaccessibility in this respect also until someone realises it and addresses it. I'm sure after FE brings it up with the editorial team they'll take it on board.

  wee eddie 00:53 15 Jan 2006

Wheel on the "Disability Discrimination Act".

Sorry I am being facetious, but it's a good point.

  Forum Editor 01:15 15 Jan 2006

I've said I'll raise the matter, and I will.

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