The incomprehensible vastness of the universe

  Forum Editor 00:04 26 May 2011

Scientists believe the explosion of a huge star near the edge of the observable Universe may be the most distant single object yet seen by a telecope. It's thought that the event occurred just 520 million years after the big bang. This means its light has taken 13.14 billion years to reach Earth.

Now that's what I call a long way. click here to read more

  lotvic 00:30 26 May 2011

A subject that has always fascinated me, amazing.

  wiz-king 06:36 26 May 2011

Cue for a song.

  Covergirl 08:14 26 May 2011

Distance and Time

It's absolutely mind blowing; if you sit for a minute and think of how long 13 billion years actually is compared with your lifetime, or compared with the 2,011 years since the year zero.

Then factor in the fact that light travels at around 186,282 MILES PER SECOND and the light from the moon only takes around 1.3 second to get to us.

And that 13 billion light years is "near the edge of the observable Universe" - what is beyond the observable?

"520 million years after the big bang" "13.14 billion years to reach Earth"

Just how old is the universe? I don't think it can be quantified - after all, there must have been something there before it.

How big is it? Incomprehensively unquantifiable

  SparkyJack 08:43 26 May 2011

Distance and Time....... Wrote cover girl

Well now this could be the making of a long running debate........... Here is a start........And my reasoning may be flawed as I am no expert.

Atoms have nuclei and electrons and protons going around - which cluster in various ways to form molecules.... which cluster in various ways to form elements- which cluster to form materials both inert and living- which cluster to form a planet- which cluster with others around a nuclei called a sun- which cluster with others to form a galaxy- ---which clusters with others to form a galactic group----which clusters with others to form a universe..... which clusters with others to form a multiverse- which clusters with others to form?.............

Millions are spent in trying to fathom the 'truth' out there, which may add to the sum of human knowledge- but does little to put food on the plates of the starving on this speck in the cosmos.

When will all those brains get real and come back to the real -planet - this one .....the only one we have employ their collective intellect to improve the lot of all of us?

  Quickbeam 08:46 26 May 2011

It is quite big, isn't it.

  Simsy 10:10 26 May 2011

I think you'll probably find, (in the fullness of time!), that just beyond this newly seen object is a cupboard where all missing socks are taken!

Because, lets face it, "where are the missing socks" is equally mystifying!



  Grey Goo 10:25 26 May 2011


Don't blame the Scientists. The starving millions are starving because of Human Nature. Overbreeding,corrupt Governments and Civil War are rife and if you have any good ideas of how to control the climate I am sure the World would be grateful.

  johndrew 10:27 26 May 2011

One thing's for certain, Ryanair will have a flight there as it's near Brussels or somewhere!!!!!

  WhiteTruckMan 10:32 26 May 2011

And STILL someone always insists on parking next to my car in an otherwise empty car park!


  ventanas 10:51 26 May 2011

If we really are seeing something from the beginning of the universe, then why isn't it much closer. 13bn years ago the universe would have been very small compared with today.

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