Incident right now on my street, what to do?

  Blackhat 20:36 05 Jul 2008

There is an elderly couple half way along my street apparently blind drunk. The large elderly lady has fallen over and the bloke is too drunk to help her up. Some neighbors have tried to help but gave up. It is pouring down and they are completely soaked.

I am unwilling to approach them as the big bloke is being abusive to one of the neighbors.

I phoned the local police station to report an elderly couple in distress. Having not committed a crime they said there is nothing they could do.

What would you do? Just leave them for the local lads to mug them? Let them sober up and hope they still have everything?

  Eow is nighe 20:39 05 Jul 2008


i would approach them & ask if they need your help if they are abusive LEAVE THEM let them get out of there own trouble...

  Armchair 20:40 05 Jul 2008

Personally, I would steer clear of it all. I dislike drunks anyway. Let them get on with it.

  Blackhat 20:42 05 Jul 2008

The bloke has wondered off and left the lady sat on the pavement, another neighbor has approached her.

  ronalddonald 20:48 05 Jul 2008

You've got to relise is that they are DRUNK. Go to help and you could end up having the lady accusing you of rape.

The husband may even mistake your help for something else.

If they are alcholics then they have to get help not you. The only thing i can recommend is stay away until they sober up. When you see them again post a pamphlet through their door on the dangers of drinking and where they could get help.

That is if your that concerned on their welfare. Even if the police came down their dealing with drunks, they want care if soemthing happens, the view they will take ok their drunk and that is it. They will either leave them or take them to a polie cell if they get abusive. But youve got to have a very good excuse why the police should be called ie are they lying in the road blocking traffic and refusing to leave! broke a window and still there's breaking and enering. What good reason do you really have. The police will see it as wasting ;police time because their DRUNK.

  Armchair 20:50 05 Jul 2008

Isn't 'drunk and disorderly' still considered to be an offence, then?

  Blackhat 20:51 05 Jul 2008

The bloke has opened a car door, it would appear to be his car, he has dragged the lady onto the back seat and then attempted to dive off.

One of the neighbors pulled him out of the car and he has wondered off again, he still has his car keys.

  €dstowe 20:53 05 Jul 2008

Hope someone has a camcorder and is recording this to play back to them at a later time.

Keep well away.

  ronalddonald 21:01 05 Jul 2008

you can call the police and say hes drink and driving. Good cause to call them because hes endangering himself the lady and other road uses. Only if the neigboutr hadnt pulled him out. If he is disoderly and pushing people around or is armed with somehting like a weapon call the police bcasue hes a danger to the public.

Rmeber youve got to have a good damm excuse these days.

  Blackhat 21:03 05 Jul 2008

I'm off out now and I hope that the bloke has gone to find somebody sober to drive them home, I will be back about 11pm to see if she is still there or not, if he does try to dive off again my car is in his firing line and I have had a drink so I won't be moving it.

  Bingalau 21:40 05 Jul 2008

Tell the police he has got a lethal weapon. They may send the hit squad out. It will not be a lie because there is no more lethal weapon than a car driven by a drunk.

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