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Is this incessant rain getting you down?

  TopCat® 17:06 02 Jul 2012

Well it is me, and I'm sure many others as well, up and down the country.

It seems like forever when here in 'sunny' Cornwall we managed a complete summer's day and it's starting to get depressing. But then my woes are but nothing compared to the poor souls who suffered the atrocious flooding recently. I hope the flood waters never ever reach them again.

Whilst on the subject of excess water, can anyone tell me why the raised rain gutter on car roofs was designed out of their construction? My old Honda, I noted at the time of purchase in 1991, was built about the time that all cars were losing their guttering and opening the car door for access in pouring rain was a new, very wet experience if one didn't move rather quickly!

My poor wife came back this morning and, together with the car door's interior got a right old soaking before I could get to her in time. The car does indeed have slightly recessed rain channels but are next to useless if it is driven with the window slightly open. Braking or changing direction usually sends a shower of roof water cascading over and inside the glass. (yes I know, just change the car I hear you say! :o) Not quite yet I'm afraid.

I'm not sure if this is the case, but I'm sure a recently made American film had cars with gutters, so why not us? I had heard some time ago that their removal was because of better aerodynamics and to cut down on wind noise.

Well. that's got that off my chest, so now I patiently await any responses from our learned members. TC. :)

  Quickbeam 17:57 02 Jul 2012


  Quickbeam 17:58 02 Jul 2012

...and spider9 must now be a money spider:)

  Aitchbee 18:03 02 Jul 2012

I haven't had to water my potted plants on my verandah for about a month...usually a daily routine most summers.

Instead I have been routinely emptying the 'drip-trays' (black buckets with no holes in the bottom).(Glasgow southside).

Officially, it has been the wettest June on record in Britain. (when averaged out)

  Quickbeam 18:08 02 Jul 2012

I don't think they had to average anything to get that answer HB!

  muddypaws 18:16 02 Jul 2012


Re car guttering.

I have a Ford CMax with no guttering and if it is raining or if roof is wet opening any door results in water falling on to the edge of the seats. So every so often I have to clean off the water stains. The only solution is to wipe the edge of the roof before opening doors. Which, of course, I forget to do.

  carver 18:28 02 Jul 2012

Yes but what you do is to buy a car with leather seats then when you open the car door the water just lands on the seats but doesn't soak into the seat.

Still get a wet backside though.

But this rain is now past a joke, we have field we can not even put the horses on because they are so wet, one of them now has a stream running through the middle of it with no sign of it drying up.

  daz60 18:44 02 Jul 2012

Having spent the best part of a week in 30 degree + heat i have to say that shopping in Clermont Ferrand 1 day ago torrential rain occured for all of 12 minutes,tried to do a Gene Kelly but the look on my neices face stopped me in my tracks,wonderful feeling though.Feel for those caught in floods though, fires and flash floods everwhere are an annual occurrence we can do little about.

  Quickbeam 18:48 02 Jul 2012

Are you in your birthday suit Bingalau, or wearing one of spider9's waterproof mackintoshs...?

  Condom 19:05 02 Jul 2012

Yes I've finally had enough of summer and booked my tickets back to Thailand. I'm not going until the end of September but I had to do something to cheer me up.

  morddwyd 20:00 02 Jul 2012

"Is this incessant rain getting you down?"

Not in the slightest!

Because of my vision problems sunlight is very bad, so the cloudier the better.

It is a bit unfortunate, I admit, that along with cloudiness all too often comes rain, but I am happy to put up with it.

It's an ill wind etc. etc.

My sympathies to all those who are dependent on fine weather for their living or leisure enjoyment.

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