Incentive needed from suppliers ?

  John 12:03 05 Jun 2019

I would only consider a smart meter if standing charges were reduced After all the suppliers would be saving large amounts of money. Redundancies and paying less buying it in off peak and charging us peak prices.I already know what my cooler kettle etc use per hour but still need to use them .

  wee eddie 13:49 05 Jun 2019

I am in agreement but, for me, it would take more than that. They are not yet Smart by almost any reasonable definition of the word.

I will be happy to install one when, it can identify every piece of electronic in the house, tell me how much power it is consuming and what that is costing me.

A Ball-park figure that rises and falls as things turn on and off, just doesn't float my boat

  iscanut 14:54 05 Jun 2019

I don't want or need a so called "Smart" meter. I can take my own readings and send them online and I am sensible enough to be aware of how much gas and electricity I am using. I do not see the point of having one or two !

  Quickbeam 15:01 05 Jun 2019

I still have a dumb meter.

  x13 16:50 05 Jun 2019

I quiet like them. Using for about 18 months. See your usage at a glance and no need to go outside in Winter to get the gas meter readings. Changed supplier soon after installing the smart meters with no issues. Each to their own.

  BT 17:35 05 Jun 2019

After all the suppliers would be saving large amounts of money.

But would they? I take my own readings and submit them online but still a chap turns up now and then to check the readings. Do they think I'm cheating them as in my view I don't think I would get away with it in the long run. Their other reason they say they send a chap round is to check the "Safety" aspect. As far as I see all he does is take the readings.

We had our Gas mains renewed recently (Street and supply pipes) and they had to have a registered Gas Safe fitter to disconnect and re-connect my supply after the work was done, which actually involved him turning off the valve next to the meter and disconnecting the pipe and turning it back on again after the work was done, and lighting a burner on my cooker. As my supply pipe didn't have to be worked on as it had been replaced a couple of years ago the whole episode wasn't strictly necessary.

  LastChip 22:30 05 Jun 2019

x13, it doesn't always work that way.

I had a smart meter installed purely to get accurate bills, but when I changed suppliers, they say they can't read it.

Total waste of time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:27 06 Jun 2019

they say they send a chap round is to check the "Safety" aspect. As far as I see all he does is take the readings.

I think by law it has to be read at least once a year plus they are checking you are not "bypassing the meter".

  hssutton 12:56 06 Jun 2019

Maybe one day they will be forced onto us, but until that day I will supply the readings. No matter what the smart meter would say I would still use my required amount of energy

  morddwyd 10:09 08 Jun 2019

I will not have a smart meter without a court order, and so I have told my supplier.

Some years ago I waited in all day for an engineer who failed to call.

They swore he had called but could get no reply. As I had somebody working at the wide open front door all day this excuse did not hold much water!

  iscanut 11:28 08 Jun 2019

morddwyd I will join your club !*

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