Inapropriate use of pain killers

  Al94 12:44 20 Jun 2018

This story is making the headlines and it is an area of concern Gosport Hospital

Having watched in recent times three elderly relatives suffer prolonged, degrading and agonising deaths I think this woman probably deserves a medal rather than criticism. In one particular case when an elderly male with dementia and cancer was still alive three weeks after being placed on palliative care I asked a nurse was there nothing they could do. She replied that they used to but we had Dr Harold Shipman to thank for the fact that they can't. He eventually passed after a further few days of fighting for breath. It's a whole area that needs serious review.

  wee eddie 16:28 20 Jun 2018

I agree.

I'm hopeful that I will not have to fly to Switzerland to take my final breaths at the time of "MY" choosing.

I could save the NHS a fortune by doing so.

  BT 17:41 20 Jun 2018

I just hope both me and my Wife will not have to suffer when the time comes.

When my mother passed away she was at the hospital and the Staff wanted to do drastic things to keep her going but my Sister told them "NO. She's had enough, let her go peacefully", which they did. I wasn't there unfortunately I was in London at the time and couldn't make it in time. My Sister agonised for ages afterwards and phoned me many times to be sure she'd done the right thing and I could only support her action, which I'm sure was the correct decision.

  lotvic 19:07 20 Jun 2018

Likewise, when my time comes near and if I'm in pain/distress I would prefer to be peacefully 'opiated'. It's cruel to prolong suffering when there can be only one final outcome.

  wee eddie 20:11 20 Jun 2018

Trouble is that some family members don't want to lose anyone before they actually croak.

It is to my everlasting shame that I failed to recognise that my Mother, 93 and sans eyes sans teeth but with a full set of marbles, was try to starve herself. As a devout Christian, she could not ask for assistance, and I went on chiding her for eating insufficient and almost force feeding her.

  bumpkin 21:35 20 Jun 2018

Back to the original post. When my wife was seriously ill and in pain there was no hesitation in giving her morphine. Dr Shipman's behavior has nothing to do with the administration of appropriate pain killers.

  oresome 15:27 21 Jun 2018

One of the worrying aspects is the length of time it takes for these events to be made public.

Concern for the well being of patients comes well down the list of priorities that are considered at the time of any internal investigation.

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