Importing good from other countries Help.

  ky72 15:21 05 Feb 2010

Hi guys, im not sure if this should be in the help room or if its ok in here.?
Ok i realy need your help please, Ive had a box that weights 6.1 kilos from south america & in it are just two jackets & some t-shirts & other small clothing items from my wife's parents we have had to pay £140 for the postage which we wasnt aware it would be that much! this was paid when it was checked by customs over in south america,

it was checked by customs & scanned by a machine over there now our problem is the value is honestly about £50 & we are not sure if we STILL have to pay more money to get them into the uk.? ive been on the goverment website & as normal they have made it complicated to understand what you will be paying IF anything.?
Please if anyone has any knowledge & could inform me what is our situation i'd be VERY greatfull!
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  wiz-king 15:32 05 Feb 2010

Yes you may have to pay the tax due on these clothes, VAT 17.5%. If they were invoiced as a gift you might get away with it.

  paddyjack 15:43 05 Feb 2010

If their is more to pay, you will get a letter from Parcel force telling you how much is owed and the parcel wont be delivered until that amount is paid. But as wiz-king said you might get lucky with a gift.

  BT 16:57 05 Feb 2010

Its a lot to do with how the items are described on the Customs declaration.

I once had to pay £32 for a small glass item someone sent my wife from the USA, because the sender described it as artwork rather than what it actually was - an ornament/gift. So had to pay Customs/Import duty as well as VAT etc.

  Kevscar1 23:29 05 Feb 2010

Customs and Excise include the shipping charge in their valuation so you are likely to have to pay duty and vat as the limit is £148,so unless the invoice states less than £8 you are over it.

  Forum Editor 00:17 06 Feb 2010

but you're receiving some good advice here, so let's not worry too much.

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