Impact adhesive -thinning

  jack 10:10 26 Jul 2008

Now here is a topic that is not PC fodder except perhaps a lot us here get involved in
projects and may have resolved a similar problem
A search for a 'Craft work' forum did not produce anything of note.
Here goes.
I have a little job that requires small panels of plastic and fabric to be stuck to a painted metal base.
The ideal adhesive would be of the impact variety[ Evo stik or Bos stik]
But this emerges from the tube in a somewhat thick glop.
So I need to thin it to make spreading over a small surface easier- the thinning of course should not reduce its adhesion.
Any suggestions anyone

  Quickbeam 10:13 26 Jul 2008

White spirit, turps or parafin, just mind you don't get addicted to the fumes fix...

  peter99co 10:27 26 Jul 2008

Is it possible to use a sheet of double sided tape?

(Blue Peter Sticky Backed Plastic)

  wiz-king 10:43 26 Jul 2008

The main solvent in most of these adhesives is 'Toluene' but you may have trouble finding a available source. A useful solvent can be bought from car accsessory shops in bulk is cellulose thiners, it is a mixture of xylene and methanol, that should work.

  Quickbeam 10:46 26 Jul 2008

Methanol is also used by model aircraft flyers and vintage bike racers if you know any of either for a source.

  Quickbeam 10:48 26 Jul 2008

Also try acetone, it comes as nail polish remover so is more easily obtainable.

  €dstowe 10:56 26 Jul 2008

Mistral click here do a range of organic solvents. One suitable for you would be limonene. It's not the same as the solvent in Evostik but it does work as a thinner and remover.

We use limonene a lot as a "green", "safe" solvent. It is a by product of the orange juice industry - and it smells of oranges. It's as good if not better than chlorinated hydrocarbons like Genklene, carbon tetrachloride, etc. and much, much safer.

Visitors to my studio often ask about the air freshener we use. Well, it's not air freshener, it's the limonene that we are using.

  €dstowe 10:59 26 Jul 2008

BTW, being 100% volatile and a good solvent for greases and oils, limonene would make a good thermal paste remover.

  jack 11:39 26 Jul 2008

Now to play.
I do have Cuellulose universal thinner- [From Lidl - is there nothing that store does not sell - eventually?-]
and Acetone, White Spirit,
OK off we go - will come back with results- for general info.

  peter99co 11:41 26 Jul 2008

Keep the Toluene away fron the Nitro

  PalaeoBill 12:56 26 Jul 2008

We use a consolidant, which is essentially the same thing as UHU glue, for both protecting and reconstructing fossil skulls.
It is used because it doesn't damage the bone and is completely reversible with acetone (if you use enough acetone the UHU completely dissolves and the skull can be taken apart again).
You can thin down the UHU quite substaintially with acetone and it still works as a very effective glue.

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