User-994545 15:11 03 Apr 2008

immigration is not benefiting the community that's a suprise,any body living in a major city,knew that years ago.immigratiom equals, unemployment, downward wage pressure,overstreched services and ethnic devision,but lets no worry ,at least the wealthy can get nannies,gardeners,car washed,and if immigration continues at this pace they,ll be able to get domestic staff just like the 1920s,when the underclasses knew there place,

  monkeyboy21 15:18 03 Apr 2008

What an uneducated, ill informed daily mail style sensationalised rant. You'll find that most immigrants will do the work that British citizens won't or can't do (normally the former - but in the case of many doctor's dentists, etc can't do!

  barca1 15:27 03 Apr 2008


Whooaaah i am not going to comment BUT i'd expect youll get grilled here..Good luck!!

  Earthsea 15:39 03 Apr 2008

Are you talking about the report by The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee? If so, you've got things a little mixed up.

The report found that immigration over the last ten years has had little or no positive impact on the living standards of the existing population, and that cheap imported labour has benefited employers and the migrants themselves, but not the wider population.

That's rather different to saying 'immigratiom equals, unemployment, downward wage pressure,overstreched services and ethnic devision'.

Try getting your facts right.

  interzone55 15:46 03 Apr 2008

coopz has sent their Daily Mail job application to the wrong place...

  lofty29 16:40 03 Apr 2008

What a change in tack. In the past the employers and conservative party always advocated a large pool of unemeployed in order to hold down wages and inflation, whereas the labour party and unions wanted full employment to facilitate wage increases. Whilst there was some benifit in the areas of proffessionals. ie dentists, doctors, etc, the influx of low paid workers has not had a benifit in gereral terms, the taxes they pay are not sufficient to balance the strain they put on bebifits and services

  interzone55 17:32 03 Apr 2008

But then again the large pool of unemployed English people who are too bone idle to work contribute nothing in taxes but put a huge strain on benefits & services.

  lofty29 17:47 03 Apr 2008

I agree that the workshy put a strain on benifits and services, and is a problem that should have been tackled long ago, however increasing the demand just makes the matter worse especially where services and housing are concerned

  laurie53 18:20 03 Apr 2008

This style seems familiar.

I wonder who cooop2 really is?

  Forum Editor 18:24 03 Apr 2008

downward wage pressure,overstreched services and ethnic devision,"

What a load of ill-informed rubbish.

  User-994545 00:21 04 Apr 2008

ill-informed rubbish or not,This Week on Thursday night,micheal portillo ,(not everybody's idea of a firebrand) concluded that immigration had a wage deflationary effect,and that it had gone far enough ps england is now the most overpopulated country in Europe, with the doors wide open,what happens when the other central European are admitted ?as there are only 3 countries in the EU with a open door policy,we are 1.

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