Imagine the scene..

  BT 13:10 22 Apr 2014

Just got home from a Hospital Appointment, and sitting people watching in the waiting room, as you do.

They have these 'Self Check In' terminals where you put the bar code on your appointment letter into a slot and it books you in after pressing a few buttons on the touch screen. There are three machines and one is out of order and switched off. The screen is blank and there is a a large handwritten notice taped on the screen, and at least 3 people spent time trying to get it to scan their letters!

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:16 22 Apr 2014

I sometimes think that acting like a dimwit is the fashionable thing to do now.

  Menzie 14:40 22 Apr 2014

That doesn't surprise me, there are lots of people who never notice or pay attention to signs in any way. Take my local supermarket which has two huge doors at the front. They both have in big letters Exit and Entrance on them, yet you'll find at least one person violently tugging on the exit door wondering why it won't let them in.

  fourm member 14:44 22 Apr 2014

That do say that, in the USA, if there is a power cut a lot of people phone the cable TV company to complain about the loss of service.

I would think you were watching serial outpatients because I'd have thought someone newly referred would be unsure about what to do and pay more attention.

As an aside, our hospital asks for date of birth on the self-check in because the chances of two people having the same birthday on that day's OP list is pretty small.

  BT 17:38 22 Apr 2014

..our hospital asks for date of birth on the self-check in because the chances of two people having the same birthday on that day's OP list is pretty small.

Our Doctors Surgery asks for date, month, and first letter of Surname, which usually works. However a couple of weeks ago it asked me for the first letter of my first name as well so obviously there was someone on that day with the same date, month and first letter of their surname the same as mine.

  spuds 00:08 23 Apr 2014

Perhaps the rain clouds are over my area, because it seems as though this technology just doesn't work like it was intended to.

GP practice had the system installed about 4 months ago, now its no longer there. Receptionists regarded it as a waste of time, because clients refused to use it.

Local Hearing section at the hospital had the system installed about twelve months ago, and its never really worked. Plenty of notices about the system, then you find a notice 'out of order'. So back to a smiling receptionist who then books you in, on the old system.

You just cannot win :O(

  Forum Editor 07:01 23 Apr 2014

My doctor's group practice, which is a pretty big one, gave up on the self check-in technology some time ago because lots of patients didn't use it. They preferred to check in with a real person apparently, because they didn't trust the screen to record their arrival.

  BT 07:37 23 Apr 2014

Actually the Self Check in at my Doctors is the second one. The first one they had always seemed to be out of order but they had a big tech overhaul last year with a new phone and computer system, and the new one seems to be working most of the time. The receptionists encourage patients to use it and most seem to have got used to it.

When you make an appointment they have a little printer that prints out a slip with the date and time, and name of the person you will be seeing. No more hand written cards.

They have online repeat prescription ordering and you can also check your future booked appointments, and update your details of phone numbers etc. They also offer Text reminders of appointments.

  cruiser2 10:29 23 Apr 2014

Like BT our surgery has had self check in for over a year and seems to work correctly. Can also order repeat prescriptions online and make appointments as well. Still have hand written notes for appointments if made at reception. It is a good surgery and can usually get an appointment on the same day to see a doctor.

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